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LED Dance Floors

Hire a dazzling LED Dance Floors for Wedding events, Proms, Corporate functions and Balls. We have many different options to choose from, including Black & White, LED, tiled and bespoke personalised Dance Floors. A stunning dance floor really finishes off the decor of a room and is a wonderful feature that will encourage your guests to dance the night away!



    Big Foot Events has provided dance floors to some of the most exclusive parties, lavish weddings and corporate events.

    We offer a wide selection of portable dance floors, suitable for all requirements and styles of events. Hire a floor that you know will be right for you. Choose from many different styles, including Black & White, LED, Wooden, Mirrored, Tiled and Bespoke or Personalised.

    Created with high quality panels, our dance floors have a highly polished, shiny appearance, while still being slip-resistant. Each dance floor is hired with the knowledge that they are all cleaned and tested prior to being delivered to your event, with our installation staff setting up and packing down the floor at the end of the event, meaning all you have to worry about is filling it with guests!


    Stunning and eye-catching, dance floors are highly visual and add glamour to each event they are booked for. They are also versatile, available in black or white, with programmable LED star lights and the ability to add more colour and effects with additional lighting.

    Black & White
    Hire a black & white dance floor to create a classic, disco look. Perfect as a centerpiece to the room, they can be styled with additional lighting to create both sophisticated and fun retro styles.

    Oak Parquet
    For a more traditional look, hire a wood parquet dance floor, made from interlocking, oak panels. Understated and classy, this style of dance floor is ideal for events with rustic themes and where dancing is the main focus.

    Using the latest LED panel technology, our LED Dance Floors are fully programmable, producing different sequences and effects to match the style, colour scheme and mood of your event. The panels emit bright colours while staying cool to the touch.

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