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Turn A Tear Into A Triumph
Real life traumas are turned into triumphs everyday. Gary Skyner’s all inspiring tale of triumph over tragedy will touch your heart and lift your spirits. Born a victim of the deadly Thalidomide drug, which was administered to expectant mothers in the 60’s, Gary’s life was destined to be difficult and challenging, as the drug impaired his physical development. Through determination, he has found success as a comedian and has achieved a Law Degree. He has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that any limitation such as physical disability can be overcome. He changed and shaped his future by determination, perseverance and courage. He believed in himself.
Gary’s presentations are not your typical run of the mill motivational speech. There are ‘go get’ em boys, climb that mountain, cross that finish line, slay the dragon and get the pretty girl’ scenarios. He deals with real life, not as a superstar, not as an athlete, not as a famous mountaineer or James Bond, but as a man; a man who started out in life with one obstacle after another. Gary’s sessions can include 50 minute presentation of the award nominated documentary Thalidomide – Life at 40.
Achieve The Impossible
With his comic flair, Gary will show you how to conquer fears, benefit from failures, change attitudes; your own and others, learn to challenge limitations into opportunities, obstacles into challenges and achieve your full potential. He is encouragement in the face of defeat, and challenges the audience to learn and think differently, to live life with courage and passion and to achieve what we think is possible.
Expect the unexpected, as he delivers key information in the most humorous way. His courage, self-motivation and humour will keep you listening for hours. Let him entertain you, touch your heart and get your brain thinking in new directions. Gary delivers a powerful message. Let the audience have fun and laugh and walk away with a new way of thinking.
‘I have been impressed by Mr Skyner’s commitment, single-mindedness, dedication and enthusiasm. He is someone who deals with any problem efficiently and intelligently as well as sympathetically’
Jacqueline Perry (Barrister)
‘ I warmly applauded his courage, tenacity and fortitude. He is encouragement in the face of defeat and his personality lifts the spirit’
G.F Moss ( Stewart & Moss Leisure Ltd)
‘If you believe it, You can achieve it!’
This is a maxim that Gary Skyner and Ricky Hatton MBE, both supporters of ‘CLIMBS’, the charity founded by Gary, believe in absolutely. Both are busy men; indeed, Gary is a top comedian, practising lawyer, pilot, FA referee, welder by trade, husband, and father of two. Ricky, a world champion, already legend, attests with Gary, that one’s greatest strength is self belief.
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