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Men In Coats

Men In Coats have performed at prestigious events and corporate events throughout the World including the Royal Variety Show.



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    Men In Coats was created by Michael Dow. Its unique appeal leapt onto the British Stand up Circuit in 1999 by winning Hackney Empire’s New Act of the Year and an almost unheard of sell out in their first Edinburgh run.

    A year and two national tours later, they went back to Edinburgh and sold out again at the much larger George Square Theatre.

    Since then, the show has travelled worldwide and performed in some of the biggest and most prestigious venues on the globe. A second team of performers was born in late 2005 to cope with demand and the show goes from success to success, performing in Thailand, the Bahamas, South Africa, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Malta, Spain, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Monte Carlo and so many others including shows for British and European Royalty.

    TV Appearances include:

    The Royal Variety Show, BBC1.
    The Live Floor Show BBC2, 10 appearances
    Raymond ist Laat Dutch Tv Episode 7 Holland
    Raymond ist Laat, invited back for the 100th episode.
    Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde. France
    La Luna Sin Falta, National TV Chile.
    Un, Dos, Tres. National TV, Spain
    Melbourne Gala Show, National TV Australia
    Just For Laughs, CBC Canada and Worldwide

    Currently the show is preparing to work in Poland, Malta, London, Germany…and on. Recently, a You Tube video of the act passed the staggering 20 Million Views mark, and is now running high in the top one Hundred Most Viewed Clips Ever.

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