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Luke Graves

Luke Graves has very natural rapport with audiences and is a genuinely funny guy!

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    With his easy going and confident stage presence, Luke creates a natural rapport with the audience and a comfortable atmosphere with crowds of all ages.

    Watching Luke Graves perform is like having a conversation with your best friend…. But they are really funny!

    Luke will generate lots of laughter with his story-telling; he is able to quickly make an intimate connection with the audience and his welcoming and charming style makes him ever-popular.

    Luke engages with the audience very gently, slowly teasing them and drawing them in to a clever punchline! With fun banter and quick wit, laughter is, quite literally, guaranteed!

    Highly relatable and immensely likeable, Luke’s laid-back style and confidence is as natural as it is funny.

    A regular at the Edinburgh Fringe, Luke was voted Comedian of the Year. He has also played International comedy clubs in Switzerland, Tenerife, Slovakia and Cyprus, as well as performing on board Cruise ships and the big comedy clubs around the UK.

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