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Kev Orkian

Kev Orkian is one of the UK's most talented comedians. His unique musical flair, Armenian persona, and comic timing is both hilarious and genius.



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    Kev Orkian is one of the UK’s most talented comedians, as well as being a talented pianist, singer, and composer! He is an acclaimed pianist, and is highly established in singing and theatre.

    Born in London to Armenian parents, Kev Orkian draws inspiration from his mum, creating an hilarious persona to huge comic effect! His unique, energetic one-man show is a true tour de force and he continues to receive standing ovations wherever he goes. His one-man show combines stand-up comedy and musical elements to create an unmatched performance!

    He has travelled the world performing on cruise ships, in orchestras, and even the West End! He has appeared with Joe Pasquale and made his debut at Edinburgh Fringe! Since then, he has performed for Royalty! Additionally, he played the lead in David Baddiel’s The Infidel, and Dudley Moore in the play Goodbye: The (After) Life of Cook & Moore.

    In 2010, Kev Orkian wowed the audience and judges on Britain’s Got Talent with his Armenian/Elton John CD version performance, reaching the semi-final.

    Inspired by his love of comedy, he took a leap into the comedy circuit and a new star was born! Because of his vibrant musical flair and comedic timing, his performances are enthralling and hilarious. Hailed as one of the finest comic pianists of his time, his astounding performances are a work of genius.

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