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Raymond and Mr Timpkins

Raymond and Mr Timpkins are the perfect charismatic and bubbly Comedy Duo to add to your next event.


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    Raymond and Mr Timpkins are a comedy duo with a rich comedic legacy spanning over two decades.

    From quaint pubs to illustrious stages like the London Palladium, this duo’s hilarious performances have travelled the length and breadth of the UK, as well as venues in New Zealand and the Falkland Islands.

    Their act includes using the lyrics of pop hits throughout history, making jokes, and mocking their lyrics. Their vaudeville musical prop-based comedy is like no other. They either do not say anything or use minimal dialogue during their acts, instead, they hold up signs with words on or create puns and visual laughs. Raymond and Mr Timpkins have been compared to the Chuckle Brothers mixed with Radio One Roadshow for their humorous and unique act.

    Raymond, typically clad in inside-out, back to front, joggers and a striped jumper, and hat assumes the role of the comedic foil. Mr Timpkins is more formally dressed in a mismatched suit – with a pair of gold hot pants seen when he occasionally loses his trousers…

    This duo is light-minded, hyperactive, and a bundle of fun, with the ability to entertain even the toughest of audiences. Their performances, characterised by an overload of velvet, sandals-and-socks and multicoloured wool fashion, are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of even the hardest to please event audience.

    Raymond and Mr Timpkins are the perfect charismatic and bubbly personalities to add to your next event.

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