Adrenaline-filled Combat Archery!

Bow and Arrow Tag

Bow and Arrow Tag is a brand new combat archery adrenaline filled sport, perfect for team building exercises.


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    Bow and Arrow Tag is a brand new combat archery adrenaline-filled sport!

    It is perfect for team-building, family bonding but above all, a great time!

    Who is the most competitive? Find out when two teams battle it out on the field! Forget the painful aches of paintball and say goodbye to army boot camp experience days! We have the perfect team building activity for any event: Bow and Arrow Tag!

    This is the perfect interactive activity! Players use short bows to shoot ultra-safe foam-tipped arrows at the opposing team! What’s a little competitiveness between colleagues, family, and friends? It’s all in great fun, providing a fantastic way to build character development and team-building skills.

    This is a fast-moving, action-packed, fun-filled game which means it is ideal for team building, family bonding, and a great time!

    Perfect for children aged 7+ for fun and skill-building! With Bow and Arrow Tag, groups will build their communication skills and produce a team that works together to defeat their opponents!

    This is just one of many of our interactive, fun-filled team building activities. We also have a fantastic range of inflatable activities that make for perfect outdoor Summer fun and entertainment.

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