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Digital Graffiti Wall

Featuring state of the art technology, this is a modern take on the usual graffiti walls we know and love!

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    Bigfoot Events proudly presents a fully interactive Digital Graffiti Wall. This unique experience comes with a choice of sprays, brushes, pen techniques and effects.

    The Digital Graffiti Wall creates a unique and interactive entertainment experience for any event. Complete with dye-sublimation technology, the images can easily be sent to print in a matter of seconds. Alternatively, all the artwork can go onto a pen drive and taken away after the event so you can enjoy them at any time.

    Guests can use digital spray cans, stencils and several digital tools to interact with the graffiti wall and create a custom work of art! This graffiti wall is an interactive and unique way to connect brands with consumers and its great fun for a wide range of events such as award ceremonies, corporate events, and trade shows.

    The operation area required for the Wall is 4m x 3.2m x 3.5m

    Check out some fantastic graffiti wall examples here.

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