Enjoy Summer Fun with Bouncy Beach Volleyball!

Beach Volleyball

Bring the Beach straight to your event with Inflatable Beach Volleyball...


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    Create hours of fun and competition for your guests with Inflatable Beach Volleyball! There’s no need to worry as you don’t actually have to be at a beach to play this interactive game.

    Our giant inflatable Volleyball Court will fit in any outdoor venue or space perfectly.

    Our Inflatable Beach Volleyball brings a Summertime vibe to any event! There’s nothing better than bonding with friends, family or even strangers whilst enjoying the beautiful outdoors. What’s a little competitiveness to bring out the inner Volleyballer in you? It’s interactive, competitive but most importantly – it’s fun.

    The Inflatable Volleyball court provides an energetic and interactive experience that is the perfect alternative entertainment for your event! It is perfect for Tropical, Beach, and Summer Themed Events, Summer Fetes, and School Fun Days!

    This Inflatable activity will have your guests diving to volley, and bouncing right back up from the inflatable floor – which adds a brand new dynamic to the high-intensity game not to mention putting a spring into your step! It’s easy to build and put away making your event smooth sailing and hassle free!

    The Inflatable Volleyball court measures 50ft x 25ft. It’s just one of many of our outdoor interactive inflatables.

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