Bring Your Childhood To Life!

Inflatable Hungry Hippo

Get ready for a fast pace, high intensity and hilariously fun inflatable in the form of everyone's favourite childhood board game.


  • BIOG

    Are you the Hungriest Hippo? Strap in and get ready to find out!

    Test your strength, speed, whit and determination with our life-size hungry hippo inflatable!

    Like the classic board game, our Hungry Hippo Inflatable can take up to four players at a time. The aim of the game is simple, collect as many balls from the middle pit as possible whilst fighting against the resistance from your bungee wire.

    Work in pairs to create a team-building exercise or battle it out solo for the chance to be crowned the Hungriest Hippo! Suitable for all ages over 5. This nostalgic fun inflatable is perfect for Charity Fund Raisers, Corporate Team Building Events, and Family Fun Days.

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