Take unforgettable pictures with our fabulous Magic Selfie Mirror!

Magic Selfie Mirror

Throw away your selfie stick, forget about Photo Booths because the newest most interactive thing on the Selfie scene is hiring a Magic Selfie Mirror!



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    There are selfies taken with stretched out arms, a selfies stick, selfies taken in a mirror and now there is … The Magic Selfie Mirror! The latest innovation that will replace hiring Photo Booths forever!

    If you’re looking for the definitive add on extra for your party, event or promotion. This latest innovation will delight you, and your guests.

    This is a must-have for your special occasion if you love taking photos!

    To look at it, you would think it was an ordinary mirror, there just for you to check your reflection – until the glass begins to interact with you!

    The mirror will give you instructions on how to use it, pay you compliments as you pose for your selfie. It even a countdown to the second the shutter snaps you. Once you have taken your selfie you can sign your name, or add a comment that will appear on the finished item. It’s genius!

    As if that wasn’t enough to make us eager to try it, you have a choice of 3 layouts so you can get innovative with your images; or you can customise it and create your own background.

    The excitement and fun the selfie mirror generates is ideal for any occasion. Treat your guests to a photographic memory of your wedding or birthday party. Stand it outside your venue or store and draw in the crowds for promotional events. Everyone with a fondness for a selfie will love the selfie mirror!


    ‘The selfie mirror was a real hit with the students and they absolutely loved how interactive it was. Them receiving the photo to take away too was great and a lovely keepsake for the end of term. We wouldn’t hesitate to have one again for an event!’
    – Clare, Manchester College SU

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