Hire a Talking Reindeer for Christmas Installations and Events

Talking Reindeer

Hire a Talking Reindeer for your Christmas Installation or Winter Themed Event! A superb, interactive festive prop, this life-size animatronic arctic reindeer will delight your guests as he greets them and answers their questions. Ideal entertainment for Shopping Centres to attract visitors. Unique, socially distanced and above all, fun!


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    Hire a Talking Reindeer for your Christmas Installation or Event!

    This life-size animatronic Reindeer is available with a pre-programmed audio track, or you can write your own! The perfect solution for Shopping Centres, Town Centres and Arcades for a Socially Distanced Christmas attraction to encourage visitors to your centre and encourage them to stay longer!

    We can also provide an operator to interact with guests as they are passing by – this is hilarious entertainment for Christmas Parties and Festive Themed Events. Your guests can ask the reindeer questions and he will reply directly! This is highly entertaining way for your guests to be greeted for a Christmas Party or Event.

    Our Talking Arctic Reindeer will thrill children and adults of all ages, and is a superb, interactive Winter-Themed Prop for events.

    At Big Foot Events we pride ourselves on offering a creative solution to transforming your event. We offer a comprehensive management service from live entertainment, decor, table dressing, prop hire and design. To discuss your requirements, please call us on 01253 351100.

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