Hire a Roller Rink Disco for your event!

Roller Disco

A Roller Disco is a unique, interactive, and fun installation for your event!


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    Hire a mobile Roller Rink for fun, interactive entertainment at your event!

    This Roller Disco attraction is ideal for shopping centres, town squares, public events, and themed parties! Catch Disco fever with a mobile Roller Rink!

    With the recent resurgence in popularity of Roller Skating, this attraction is perfect for a retro event or 70s party and will be in high demand !

    This installation comes complete with music, lighting, and a skate station filled with children’s and adult sized roller skates. Alongside this groovy attraction, you can hire professional skaters to entertain and assist your guests and promote the Rink!

    Hire tribute acts from different decades to perform and roll through time!

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