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Take a journey back to the neon-soaked, synth-driven decade of the 80s by booking an electrifying 80s tribute band or act for your themed event. From the iconic sounds of new wave and synth-pop to the rock anthems that defined the era, an 80s tribute ensemble promises to transport your guests to a time of big hair, bold fashion, and unforgettable music. The 80’s produced iconic bands and artists including: Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran, Human League, Wham! The Police, Eurythmics, Alison Moyet, Erasure, Culture Club, Kate Bush, Bananarama, Madonna, Bonnie Tyler, Donna Summer, Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson, Grace Jones, Belinda Carlisle, Whitney Houston, Bon Jovi, Journey and many more! Picture neon lights, spandex-clad performers with big hair, belting out chart-topping hits! Whether you're throwing a retro-themed event, a corporate function, or a wedding celebration, an 80s tribute band or act will bring eighties energy and nostalgic fun. So grab your Walkman, tease up your hair, put on your leg warmers and bandanas, and get ready to dance like it's 1985 all over again! Don’t forget to ask about our Prop hire and venue décor installation packages!

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