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George Michael by Randall Butler

Randall Butler has become one of the UKs leading George Tributes, which has brought UK tours and international shows along with it.



  • BIOG

    Randall Butler has become one of the UK’s leading George Tributes. His success has brought UK tours and international shows along with it.

    Randall felt a real connection with George on a personal level – relating to him. George Michael made him believe that it’s ok to be who you are -and to be proud of that.

    George Michael inspired Randall in so many ways, blowing him away with his beautiful soulful voice and his emotional lyrics. The Wham! front-man was the only artist that he has ever wanted to perform a tribute to. He was the reason Randall began singing at 11 years old.

    Randall has received some wonderful feedback with audiences commenting on the authenticity of his tribute act.

  • Testimonials

    “We saw Randall last night…and were amazed at his act. Having seen George Michael live before and having 2 kids crazy about him (and Wham!) we thought we’d pop by and give this tribute act a go – we were blown away! The voice. The energy. What a great entertainer Randall is. Our little boy was so starstruck by the act and was buzzing after Randall took the time out to come and chat to him. Keep up the great work, and we look forward to seeing you again.”

    – Amanda Saunders-Hickey

    “We’d booked Randall as part of a birthday party entertainment event, and from start to finish he was amazing! He turned up early to soundcheck, looked amazing, and sounded just like the real thing. He hung around for selfies with everyone who wanted one and there were a load! Can’t recommend him enough. Top act, top artist!”

    – Martin Ballard

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