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A Band Called Malice

A Band Called Malice is the UK’s number 1 Jam Tribute Band who replicate the quirky, technical arrangement, groove and look of The Jam!

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    Hire A Band Called Malice, the UK’s number 1 Jam Tribute Band. Made up of 3 talented musicians from Leicester who share a musical passion for replicating the music of The Jam! From their technical arrangements to the quirky music, groove and look, A Band Called Malice have it off to a tee. Having spent the last 3 years perfecting the sound of the true fathers of Mod!

    All the hits are here, including:

    • Town Called Malice,
    • Going Underground,
    • Down At The Tube Station at Midnight,
    • Beat Surrender,
    • The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow),
    • Just Who Is The Five O’clock Hero,
    • Funeral Pyre,
    • Start,
    • The Eton Rifles,
    • Strange Town,
    • When You’re Young
    • …and many more!

    A Band Called Malice is made up of 3 members, lead vocalist and guitarist Darren Jones, bass player Ben Storer and drummer Warren Mee. Darren has over 10 years’ experience performing and composing music, Ben has spent over a decade playing the guitar and Warren has years of experience within the entertainment industry and is also a member of Red Mock Chili Peppers performing at major entertainment venues.

  • Set List

      • Going Underground -
      • A Town Called Malice -
      • Down In The Tube Station At Midnight -
      • The Bitterest Pill -
      • The Eton Rifles -
      • The Modern World -
      • Hero -
      • Beat Surrender -
      • David Watts -
      • Absolute Beginners -
      • Funeral Pyre -
      • Start -
      • Strange Town -
      • Just Who Is The 5 O'Clock -
      • When You're Young -
      • That's Entertainment -

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