Host an Extraordinary Sci-Fi Themed Event

Ahead of Star Wars Day, we’ve put together a list of exciting ideas to create an extraordinary Sci-Fi Themed Event! With futuristic venue theming, space-age activities, and walkabout acts from all of your favourite franchises, Big Foot Events will help you host the ultimate Sci-Fi Themed Event. May the force be with you.

Elevate your event into orbit with our incredible venue decor and theming. Transform any event space into your favourite Sci-Fi franchise with futuristic event styling.

Special Effects

Transform your venue into a different space or time. Party at light-speed on our LED dance floor, jump into hyperspace with our incredible Lighting and Sound Effects, or create an otherworldly atmosphere with Spark FX machines, Dry Ice, and Snow Effects.

Props and Decor

Our Space Trail will take your guests on a galactic adventure with high-quality space and Sci-Fi Props from astronauts to aliens. We can provide perfect Photo Opportunities with Doc’s DeLorean, Luke’s X-wing, or a Gyrosphere from Jurassic World!

Keep your guests entertained with characters from film and TV; take them on a space adventure, a trip to Jurassic Park, or to a robotic future.

Walkabout Acts

Dalek, Dinosaur, Droid, and other Sci-Fi walkabout characters will roam among your guests. Pose with Doctor Who lookalikes, Stormtroopers, and Ripley under one roof. For a futuristic Sci-Fi Themed Event, Titan the Robot will provide the ultimate live robot show!

Space Dome

Take your guests on a space exploration with our immersive Space Dome experience: host science lessons or a VR adventure in a mobile planetarium. The Dome provides a unique interactive way to learn. Including fantastic features such as a solar system show, science picture, videos, multimedia equipment, and high quality lenses that provide a spectacular visual show.


Recreate Jurassic Park with our huge, animatronic, walking Dinosaurs! Our Giant T-Rex, Zeus, will roam your venue or perform an incredible arena show. Our herbivorous Dinosaurs include a Triceratops and Brontosaurus. For the full Jurassic Park experience, our predator paddock also includes a Raptor, Spinosaurus, and Carnotaurus.

May the force be with you!