Throw a Roarsome Jurassic Park Themed Event!

2023 marks the 30th anniversary of the release of the first instalment in the Jurassic Park film series! Have you ever dreamt of visiting Jurassic World or Jurassic Park? No? Just in your nightmares? Us, too. However, at our Jurassic Park and Dinosaur Themed Events, Health and Safety is our top priority! Just after the Entertainment, of course.

Are your events feeling extinct lately? We love planning themed events, and, with our paddock of predators and hungry herbivores, we bring events back to life with a ROAR!

Theming & Decor

With our high-quality props and attention to detail, we will transform any venue into a prehistoric jungle or a dinosaur theme park. From the moment your guests arrive, they will feel transported to a prehistoric earth. Welcome your guests to your event through the Jurassic Park Gates, stepping into a new/very old/Mesozoic era!

Set the scene with life-size Dinosaur Props, Bones, and Eggs! Our Jungle Plants and leafy Foliage, combined with Camouflage Netting, are essential for creating a prehistoric wilderness. With lighting and sound effects, we will design an immersive jungle scene. Don’t forget the Warning Signs and Tape to alert your Dinosaur Event guests of any impending danger… or leave what lurks deeper in the jungle a surprise!

Provide the opportunity to create picture-perfect memories with our interactive Photo Opportunities! From a step-inside Giant Dinosaur Egg to static Dinosaur Props and Backdrops. Our Jurassic World Gyrosphere is simply t-riffic. Guests can climb inside, strap themselves in, and imagine they are about to experience Jurassic World.


Fun and educational, we have lots of exciting Dinosaur-themed activities to cater to a range of age groups. Perfect for Dino-mites, our Ranger Training masterclass teaches children how to control wild dinosaurs and become certified Dinosaur Rangers! Entertain guests of all ages with our Cavemen characters: a pair of nutty Neanderthals, ready to cause havoc and pull prehistoric pranks!

We also have educational activities, our incredible 360 Dino Dome is a fully immersive experience with an educational purpose, displaying surround videos of dinosaurs! Our Dinosaur Dig is an excavation activity in which budding palaeontologists can search for fossils and bones. This activity works fantastically with our Fossil Workshops. The Fossil Workshop displays authentic and replica fossils including dinosaur teeth, claws, and a genuine Triceratops leg bone.

For an adorable dinosaur experience, host The Hatchery. This Baby Dinosaur Nursery houses a sleepy Baby Parasaurolophus, T-Rex, and Triceratops. Children love tiptoeing up to the dinosaur cages to watch the Baby Dinosaurs breathing, sleeping, blinking, and even snoring! Our Baby Dinosaurs also enjoy a bedtime story in our Baby Dinosaur Storytime Adventure workshops.


Your Jurassic Park party isn’t complete without the main characters! Hire realistic, life-like, walking Dinosaurs from the UK’s leading Dinosaur Company and watch in amazement as your event ROARS into life! Our Dinosaurs can provide a party visit, a happy birthday roar, or perform in an incredible Arena Show!

Our Giant T-Rex, Zeus, reaches dizzy heights of 12ft tall and 22ft in length! With the help of our experienced Rangers, this Dinosaur will amaze audiences with his incredible height and presence! Don’t blink, don’t breathe, and definitely don’t run. Our Raptor is mischievous, naughty, and highly intelligent! He has escaped his reins and is now prowling and growling around the designated performance area, ready to scare anyone who dares approach.

Our Spinosaurus will be on his best behaviour at your Jurassic Park party. But don’t let his crocodile-like smile fool you… he is wild and quite unpredictable! The latest addition to Jurassic Earth is our gigantic herbivore, Emily the Brontosaurus! With her long, thin neck reaching heights of 15ft Tall, she is a huge attraction wherever she goes.

Our Triceratops has a huge heart. Tank is a gentle creature, despite his enormous size! Dash is our ride-on Carnotaurus: fiercely entertaining, this Dinosaur comes with two interactive Dinosaur Rangers – one who rides the dinosaur, and the other who will interact and engage with the audience! 

Looking for a talking-point? Cory the Talking Dilophosaurus is the perfect chatterbox for your Jurassic Park party.