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Jurassic and Dinosaur Themed Event

Recreate Universal with a Jurassic Themed Dinosaur Event at your venue and have Dinosaur themed entertainment and unique Dinosaur Acts and Activities everywhere you look! Invite your guests to climb inside a Gyrosphere, walk with a Triceratops, roar with a giant T-Rex, scream with a Spinosaurus and run with a Raptor! They can even learn how to become a Dinosaur Ranger themselves! With unique life-size Dinosaur Props and photo opportunities, this is one of our most popular Family Events!

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    Have you ever wanted to visit Jurassic Park or Jurassic World?

    Why not recreate your own Jurassic Park Dinosaur experience and invite your guests to climb inside a Gyrosphere, walk with a Triceratops, roar with a giant T-Rex, scream with a Spinosaurus and run with a Raptor!

    Hire a cinematic Dinosaur Dome, life-like Dinosaurs, Giant Dinosaur Eggs, crazy Pre-Historic Caveman Characters, Ranger Training Camp, Jurassic dinosaur Props and meet our character Dinosaur Rangers! We can guarantee that with our Dinosaur props, decor and entertainment, your guests will have a roar-some time!

    There’s some fierce competition around when it comes to booking a Jurassic Experience and Dinosaur themed event, that’s why we only book the most realistic walking Dinosaurs from the UK’s leading Dinosaur Company, Hire Dinosaurs.

    Walk through the famous Jurassic Park Gates and meet our roaring animatronic T-Rex Dinosaur. Watch Dinosaur Arena Shows and learn all about these incredible prehistoric beasts. Shout out at naughty Spence and Stevo, the 2 Spinosaurus Dinosaurs and Richie Raptor who is always being naughty! Meet Tank, the gentle herbivore Triceratops and Zeus, our Giant T Rex Dinosaur who reaches dizzy heights of 12ft when he rears up!

    Don’t forget to meet our Baby Dinosaurs, who will be brought out by our Dinosaur Rangers for petting and nibbling of fingers! Book a baby Triceratops, Raptor, Brontosaurus and T Rex Dinosaur.

    Make children laugh out loud when they meet a talking Dilophosaurus Dinosaur, Cory, who will chat to them, make them laugh and keep them entertained. Create some amazing picture perfect memories with our giant Dinosaur eggs, where you can hop inside for a great photo opportunity. Turn yourself into an actual Dinosaur with face paints and fit right in with our cavemen and women walkabout acts.

    Venue Decor
    Transport your guests back in time to and create your very own Jurassic Park with Dinosaurs, bones, Dinosaur eggs, warning signs, jungle planting, backdrops, life-size Dinosaur Props, Jurassic Park Gates and even a Gyrosphere for hire! We’ve got everything you need to turn your venue into a true prehistoric jungle. We’ve even got fantastic Caveman and women meet and greet acts to bring theatre, fun and laughter to your event.

    We can organise a Giant Dinosaur Egg Trail as well as Ranger Training Camp, for budding Dinosaur Rangers – handy if you want to learn how to control our wild walking dinosaurs! You can hire our Dinosaur Workshops for your events, complete with genuine and replica dinosaur fossils! The collection includes dinosaur teeth, claws and a genuine Triceratops leg bone! We can also arrange Dinosaur Fossil Digs, fully staffed for your event, Storytime Adventures and Craft workshops. We have plenty of activities to keep your guests entertained throughout your Jurassic Themed Dinosaur event.


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