Guide Fee: £250 - £500

Location: Nationwide
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With full 1940's dress from uniforms to day wear, Maddie covers all styles of music from the 40's within her show to give the audience the ultimate experience!

The 1940's show covers all of the wartime classics and singalongs but also aims to go much deeper. The 40's had its own  brand of music with many songs being written against the backdrop of uncertain futures. I try to convey as much of those hopes, fears and dreams as possible whilst also getting into the spirit of the period and the underlying value that we, as a country, were working towards a victory that would provide a better future for all.

Madeline performs a wide range music, including big patriotic numbers like 'There Will Always Be An England', war classics such as 'We'll Meet Again' & 'White Cliffs Of Dover' and the pop hits of the time 'Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree'.

The show does not stop there though, she moves deeper into the 40's music and performs some numbers that are outside of the mainstream. Although not as widely played as some of the other numbers, amazing songs like 'A Tisket A Tasket' by Ella Fitzgerald bring back memories and really capture the essence of the era.

She also take time to focus on one of the huge stars of the 40's -  the one and only Judy Garland. Madeline performs a selection of Judy's greatest numbers including 'Zing Went The Strings', 'The Trolley Song', 'Dear Mr Gable' and, of course, 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'

The show is fully customisable and can be fitted to any event or venue depending on your requirements. She has 40's military uniforms covering the Army, Navy & Air Force and a number of other civilian outfits.

Madeline aims to make the show enjoyable for everyone, those that remember the period and also for those that are being introduced to the music for the first time - with something that will touch everyone's hearts. Audience participation is encouraged and song sheets are provided to make sure that everyone can sing along with the war classics.
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