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Fiona Harrison

Internationally recognised as Britain’s finest professional 1940's Singer and Entertainer, Fiona is able to perform songs which cover the whole spectrum of 40's music from Big Band and Swing, Lindy-Hop to Sing-along.

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    Britain’s finest nostalgic soprano in authentic and glamourous costumes.

    Born in Yorkshire, Fiona began her theatrical career at an early age by attending local dancing classes. At five years old Fiona moved to Bedfordshire where she completed her education and performing arts studies in dance and drama. She embarked on her classical singing training at the age of sixteen under the watchful eye and ear of Pamela Prichard of the Royal Academy of Music, London and began her professional singing career in 1992.

    Since those early days Fiona has proved herself time and time again to be an outstandingly talented and multi-faceted entertainer performing in all genres of the theatrical world. These have included dramatic roles; stand-up comedy in the Joyce Grenfell vein, summer seasons, pantomime, musical theatre to operatic classical concerts plus a six month singing contract in Japan where it was necessary for her to learn to sing in Japanese. Fiona not only possesses a fine, powerful soprano voice, but has a rare gift for comedy which she uses to full advantage when performing in cabaret.

    Dubbed by one critic “A Voice in a Million” after her stunning performance in the touring stage musical “From Cobbles to Rock”, Fiona can effortlessly switch from Opera to Rock and Roll which very few singers can do convincingly. Today Fiona is best known on the re-enactment circuit recreating the past though her beautiful costumes and singing the music of yesteryear. With a repertoire second to none and a wardrobe most re-enactors would die for, Fiona Harrison has become a top headlining attraction at many heritage events throughout the country covering a variety of different periods from Victorian/Edwardian Music Hall, the 20’s and 30’s, the 50’s and 60’s and the period for which Fiona is best known for the 1940’s.

    Fiona is able to work anywhere in the world bringing with her the best musical arrangements in the business. Fiona’s trademarks are her unique medley arrangements and close harmony work. This she does by recording her voice twice onto the backing track and then singing the melody line live in performance. With well over a thousand songs in her repertoire Fiona’s shows are always fresh and exciting displaying great skill and vocal variation from Judy Garland to Chuck Berry, all delivered with personality and very often with a cheeky girlie wiggle!

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    1940’s Shows
    Fiona Harrison is a costume artist with a passion for the 1940’s. She regularly performs songs from this era in authentic military uniforms and glamorous evening gowns.

    Now internationally recognised as Britain’s Finest Professional 1940’s Singer / Entertainer, Fiona is able to perform songs which cover the whole spectrum of ‘40s music from Big Band and Swing, Lindy-Hop to Sing-along.

    When in uniform her shoulder-length hair is neatly rolled up off the collar, shoes and all brasses are gleaming. When wearing an evening gown her accessories and colour co-ordination must be spot on for the 1940’s right down to the colour of her lipstick!

    On stage, Fiona is a true professional combining close harmony work with authenticity. Her repertoire is as extensive as anyone you are likely to meet and her presentation is extremely entertaining.

    Apart from her popular uniformed shows, Fiona is able to offer several glamorous “Big Band and Swing Cabarets”, which she performs in 1940’s evening apparel. Inspired by the look of Rita Hayworth, combined with the music of Glen Miller and the Andrews Sisters, Fiona is able to bring the distinction of 1940’s Hollywood to your event anywhere in the world!

    1950’s & 1960’s Shows
    If you remember who Bill Haley singing “Rock Around the Clock” the first time around and Neil Armstrong landing on the moon you will know just how extraordinary and exciting the 1950s and 60s really were!
    With increasing interest in themed events Fiona is able to offer a fabulous show capturing the musical styles and exuberance from these two glorious decades. Covering artist such as Petula Clark, The Shirelles, Dusty Springfield, Chuck Berry and many more this show will have you rocking in the aisles.

    Other Shows Include:
    Magic Of The Musicals – A show dedicated to the hit songs of the West End, Broadway and Hollywood musicals. These include songs from “The Sound of Music”, “Chicago”, “Chess” and much more.

    Hurray For Hollywood – Songs from the Movies to include the theme song from “Titanic”, “Casablanca” to Rodgers & Hammerstein’s “South Pacific”.

    The Great American Song Book – A tribute to popular American music of the 1930’s, 40’s & 50’s.
    This show features songs by Rodgers & Hammerstein, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, George Gershwin
    and more.

    The Good Old Days – A Music Hall show performed in full Victorian /Edwardian costume. This show is most suited to Victorian Heritage events and if required can consist of 3 x 45 minute shows daily
    with non-repetitive songs.

    The Best of British  A patriotic sing- along Pearly Queen show. Join Fiona as she takes her audience for
    a walk down Lambeth Way with tunes from “Me and My Girl” to Mary Poppins”. Other sing-along gems include “Knees up Mother Brown” to Billy Cotton’s “Yes we Have No Bananas”. This show can be booked as a further compliment to “The Good Old Days” and has become a popular choice for St George’s Day and summer events.

    Putting on the Ritz – A show dedicated to the music of the Art Deco days of the 1920’s & 30’s. Performed in costume of the period Fiona will take you back in time from Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodger’s “Cheek to Cheek” to classic Charleston tunes including “Bye Bye Black Bird” to “Baby Face”.

    We’ll Meet Again – By far the most popular sing-along show performed in full authentic A.T.S., W.R.N.S. or W.A.A.F uniform, with appropriate music to suit. Be amazed by Fiona’s close harmony work as she sings in triplicate and re –creates the music of the Andrew Sisters. All three shows feature many of the favourite tunes of the 1940s and conclude with a patriotic finale.

    Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree – An alternative 1940’s show, performed in 1940’s civilian glamour, Rita Hayworth style. Features Big Band and Swing tunes made famous by the Andrews Sisters, Judy Garland, Glen Miller and more.

    USA Stars and Stripes Show – An all-American show inspired by the music of Broadway and Hollywood of the 1930s and 1940s. Packed full of foot-taping tunes from Jimmy Cagney’s “Yankee Doodle Dandy” to Glenn Miller’s “Chattanooga Choo Choo”. This show is ideal for the 4th July and is performed in glamorous USA style Red, White and Blue costume!

    Swinging with the 1950’s & 60’s – Covering artistes such as The Shirelles, Little Richard, Chuck Berry and more, this show will have you rocking in the isles. It is also possible to perform this show in 2 x 45 minute sets with the first half including sing-along favourite from stars such as Doris Day and the Rat Pack to a concluding Rock and Roll Dance set.

    Plus, Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Summer & Valentine’s themed shows.

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