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LOOP is a world class party duo armed with the sound, swagger, and star quality to get the very biggest nights absolutely bouncing.



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    Ready to start the party? This is the next generation of live party entertainment. This is L.O.O.P Party Duo.

    The very biggest nights need something seriously special from their live entertainment. Something your guest list has simply never seen before. Something truly jaw-dropping. Sound like what you’re looking for? Then meet L.O.O.P. – a premium party duo with the sound, swagger and, star quality to get even the world’s most exclusive events absolutely bouncing.

    L.O.O.P. is a brand new project from world-class professional musicians Minhee Jones and Vicky O’Neon – two of the UK’s most in-demand session performers. Having both navigated impressive individual careers including TV performances on BBC Eurovision and The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations.

    Jones and O’Neon came together whilst performing for much loved pop star Anastacia. Their musical and personal chemistry was instant, and a shared goal was soon born: to channel their infectious friendship and unrivalled musicality into a whole new kind of high-energy live show. And so L.O.O.P. was born.

    Jones and O’Neon bring every last ounce of their incredible musical ability to this stunning performance – utilising loop technology to introduce multiple instruments and voices into every song. The result is genuinely breathtaking. Although just a duo, the sound and show they produce is truly epic in scale – recreating much loved party tunes with remarkable skill, energy, and an irresistibly magnetic charisma.

    Their repertoire is packed to bursting with songs to get even the biggest parties raging – from singalong Motown and disco classics, to contemporary chart bangers, and everything in between. They’re the perfect standalone act for large scale corporate events in need of entertainment that really sets the night apart.

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