Guide Fee: £300 - £700

Location: Nationwide
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Aerialist and dancer Haylee-Mai is an experienced performer with beautiful movement quality and a friendly, professional approach.

Elevate your event with a spectacular aerial performance, guaranteed to add sparkle to an already glittering evening or dimension to a big blue sky at a festival or family day.
Haylee-Mai has worked in many different locations and settings, so be it indoor or outdoor, a single solo act or a thirty minute display with multiple performers, whatever you have in mind, she will work with you to achieve the perfect show.
Also a stilt walker and fire performer, she is versatile and enjoys the variety of her work.
Haylee is currently UK based and works internationally, providing solo, duet or group performances tailored to suit any occasion.

It was at a very young age that Haylee-Mai first set foot on stage, and in the years that followed, it was an exciting and enchanting backstage world in which she grew up. All the make-up, shoes, sequins and glitter, magical pantomime backdrops and the smell of the old Town Hall instilled in her a love for the world of performance.
Aged 19, and a fortunate turn of events saw her perched on a trapeze for the first time, and realising she could now begin to explore a whole new world of movement and dimension, she pursued aerial training, eventually specialising in Corde Lisse and Lyra, with a strong foundation in all other disciplines including Silks, Trapeze and Web.
Later, adding stilt walking and fire dancing to her repertoire, she embarked on her professional career. She is currently residing in England and despite the rain, continues to reach for new heights and fulfill her dreams.

Bombay Sapphire
A sultry and mystical beauty from somewhere far in the east, she spins and contorts as she dances in the air. A sensual aerial hoop performance perfect for cabaret or lower venues.
Act running time: 10 minutes max
Rooftop Lullaby
Rooftop Lullaby is what can be described as an 'aerial ballet'. Such a beautiful song complimented with smooth, flowing choreography and movement.
“I am still moved every time I perform this piece and I've had the warmest compliments from my audience and colleagues over any other act I've created. Little wonder it's my most treasured creation.”
 Act running time: 5 minutes
Balearic Sunrise
Simple and elegant, a stunning aerial silks act to wow and amaze.
Suitable for any event, including corporate and cabaret, with beautiful choreography to 'feel good' music that oozes summertime and balmy evenings.
This act can also be adapted to different colour schemes or onto aerial hoop for lower venues.
Act running time: 7 minutes max
Two female aerial gymnasts, Haylee & Mona, in coordinated outfits and equipment available for either synchronised silks routines or ambient entertainment on trapeze, hoop or fabric.
Act running time: 10 minutes max
The Demolition Girls
Tough, super strong and determined to get the job done, these demolition girls are a force to be reckoned with! Two female builders perform this perfectly synchronised corde lisse routine to a soundtrack specially arranged for this act.
Act running time: 10 minutes max

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