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A selection of the latest crazes to sweep the UK!

Aqua Pole:

Combining Pole Dancing with Wet T-Shirts! All the water stays in the unit and the pole is glammed up with LED lights & CO2 jets so dancers look at their sexiest!

CO2 Freezejet:
Blast ice cold jets of CO2 across the dance floor! Not only highly visual but it also cools the dance floor by up to 20 degrees!! Portable, safe & no residual mess!

Foam Party:
Without doubt the most popular promotional party in the Nightclub industry! We use only the biggest, best and safest Foam Canons in the UK!

Choose from the following options:

Foamblaster Foam Canon: The original foam canon, spray onto the dance floor reaching a distance of approx 20ft. The majority lands on the customers’ heads and upper body; very little reaches the floor so there is minimum mess.
Strong Foam Canon: For larger venues and a much larger volume of foam, the Strong Foam Canon produces 40% more foam but no more water residue than its smaller brother!  Lots more to enjoy!
Monster Foam Canon: The most powerful Foam Canon in the UK! This powerful canon produces more foam and projects it further than any other canon on the market: fact!
Colossus / Titan: The Colossus is also known as the Titan; this is not a foam canon but a Foam Generator as seen in Ibiza! This is the most powerful foam producing machine capable of filling a dance floor with foam to a depth of 4ft in a matter of minutes!  However you should be aware that because of the amount of foam, 
water residue is considerably more than a Foam Canon. Clean up available.
Mini Colossus / Titan: This produces the same effect as its big brother but uses a smaller Foam producer making it ideal for smaller venues. This still generates far more foam than a canon and can fill up a dance floor in minutes with Foam!
Hurricane Win-Some
This machine directs a hurricane force wind stream across the dance floor, into which thousands of colourful strips of paper are released into the air to flutter! The coloured strips are pre-determined prize winners e.g. silver = half-price drink; gold = free drink or T shirt, etc. Great promotional activity! 

Miss Wet T Shirt National Miss Wet T Shirt Tour is the longest running Nightclub promotion in the UK and has been sponsored by Nuts Magazine and the Sunday Sport. With Shower Unit!

 Paint Party Revolutionising the clubbing world, Students are embracing the concept of Paint Parties! The latest craze involves UV Paint in varying  olours: Red, Orange, Green, Yellow, Pink and Blue, which is water-soluble so won’t damage any clothes or furnishings! A huge hit with students and hard-core revellers! Join in the Paint Party!
Popcorn Party / Monster Munch Party: 
Shower the dance floor with Popcorn... or retro Monster Munch for a different take on this Club favourite!

Silent Disco / Headphone Disco:
Silent, or Headphone, Disco is a unique concept featuring 2 DJs playing 2 
completely different styles of music and hundreds of wireless 2 channel Headphone Sets! Clubbers are each handed a set of headphones and have the choice of listening, singing along and dancing to either DJ!  Bear in mind... the club is entirely silent which is great entertainment in itself for those NOT wearing any headphones!
Snow Machine:Fabulous for Winter or Christmas Themed Events! Snow machines project fake-snow above dancers  which falls onto dancers and then evaporates. 

UV & Bubble Spectacular:
Powerful canons combine with UV fluid to create UV Bubbles floating above the dance floor! Bubbles land on the dancers rather than the floor so mess is kept to a minimum.
Wind Machines:
From small to large, we can provide wind machines with for all occasions and events. 


Nightclub Fun

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