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  1. Fabulously Festive Corporate Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas

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    You could have the perfect venue, delicious catering, and beautiful venue décor, but it is the entertainment that people will actually remember when it comes to your company’s Christmas party. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that who or what you hire as your Christmas party entertainment is going to be a hit and not a miss – no pressure!

    If you are thinking along the line of a close-up magician, on-the-spot caricaturist, or an ever-so popular photo booth (all good ideas by the way), then we are here to ask you to open your mind! Of course the above party entertainment options are great fun, because who doesn’t love to be wowed by close up magic? In fact, we have put together some great parties using some, or all, of these entertainment options but – and this is a big but, we can do better! When it comes to hosting your company Christmas party, do you want it to be known around the office for being just ‘good’? We’ll decide for you – no!

    Luckily for you, Big Foot Events have put together a list of unique, out-of-this-world, never-seen-before live entertainment options that will turn your ‘festive do’ from ‘good’ to ‘absolutely fantastic’!

    Snow Globe Walkabout Act

    Interactive Magical Snow Globe Act

    This roaming illuminated Snow Globe is the ultimate WOW factor for any Winter Themed Event. Imagine a stunning Snow Queen siting inside a beautifully detailed, twinkling Snow Globe, interacting with guests and bringing that all-important festive magic of any Winter Wonderland to life. The charming Snow Queen creates winter sound-effects and twinkling chimes with just a sweep of her hand! Hear crunching snow and howling winds as snow falls all around her in this magical Narnia or Winter themed globe!

    Bring your imagination to life and find out more about this act here.

    Hire Giant Snow Globe

    Giant inflatable Snow Globe

    Speaking of magical globes, this giant inflatable Snow Globe, complete with fake snow and winter props makes for a snow-tastic centre piece for any Christmas themed event! Climb into a magical Winter Wonderland scene and surround yourself with fabulously-fake snow! Up to 8 people at a time can climb inside this walk-in inflatable Snow Globe making it great for group photo opportunities!

    And if you are wanting to add a little brand awareness to your corporate Christmas party then this snow globe can be fully branded, ensuring huge advertising opportunities as everyone who gets involved uploads their photos onto social media. Great for ‘Tag Yourself’ campaigns! You’ll be the talk of not only the office but Social Media too!

    Find out more about this bespoke giant Snow Globe here.

    Book The Red Hot Santas

    Red Hot Santas

    If you want Seasonal Songs, frolics and walkabout Christmas Joy then we highly recommend the Red Hot Santas! This cracker of a band bring Festive madness and the best spontaneous Christmas entertainment and performance. To find out more about this mobile madness, click here.

    Hire a Slade tribute band

    Slade UK – The Ultimate Slade Tribute Band!

    IT’S CHR-I-I-I-STMAS! Slade have sold over 6.5 million records in the UK, and over 50 million worldwide, so it’s obvious that no introduction is needed when it comes to this iconic rock band, as we’re pretty sure the whole world knows who Slade is! Slade UK features their very own Noddy Holder look-alike, who emulates the voice, mannerisms, costumes, and personality of the real rock star! So much so that even Mr Noddy Holder himself approves of Slade UK being the biggest and best tribute to all things SLADE! You can have Slade UK perform that iconic number 1 classic hit ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ live on stage at your Christmas corporate party!

    Find out more about hiring Slade UK for your Christmas party here.

    Human Christmas Tree

    Interactive Human Christmas Trees

    Bring Christmas to life with these animated, interactive Human Christmas Trees and Ice ‘Jack Frost’ Jesters! These lively and unique, comical Christmas characters are amazing meet and greet artistes. Available to hire on Stilts, on foot and even on Roller Skates! These crazy Christmas characters will interact with crowds, be an instant ice-breaker at events, and create the perfect Photo Opportunity for everyone. It is simple but effective live entertainment that will add a WOW factor to your corporate Christmas party!

    Find out more about the interactive human Christmas trees here.

    Busy organising your companies Christmas party and need help with some or all of the event planning process, or wanting information on other fabulously festive live entertainment options perfect for your Xmas do, then why not get in touch – we’re always in full festive mode no matter how near-or far Christmas may be!

  2. Five Freakishly Frightful Entertainment Ideas For Halloween!

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    October is quickly creeping upon us which can only mean one thing- ‘tis nearly the season to be spooky! Halloween happens to be our favourite time of year because we can unleash our inner demons and provide our clients with bone-tingling, heart-wrenching and fang-tastic live entertainment options for their spook-tastic extravaganza! Mwahahaha – that’s our evil laugh if you…didn’t already know.

    Whether you are planning a hauntingly horrific fright-night for friends and family or hosting a ghoulishly delightful extravaganza for colleagues and business associates, Big Foot Events have put together a list of our most popular weird, wicked and witchy live entertainment options perfect for any Halloween themed party, function or corporate event!

    Creepy Mix & Mingle Acts

    Our Meet & Freak characters are both talented performers and prolific scarers. Not just for Halloween, these creepy characters are ideal for any event intended to send chills down the spines of guests! No look too strange or scary! Zombie Pirates, Murderous Clowns, Demons, Mummies, Psycho Nurses, Ghosts & Ghouls and the dreaded Grim Reaper are all members of our ghastly group.

    Whether you want them to perform choreographed flash mob routines, creep over the crowds on stilts or simply haunt the venue, these versatile entertainers can cater the look and effect to your requirements.

    Find out more here.

    Fire Eaters & Performers

    Bring the heat to Halloween with captivating fire performers! Stunning Fire Eaters, Breathers, Poi Artists and Body Burners are the hottest performers around. With different skills and types of performance, they never fail to impress.

    Halloween is not just about scary, murderous monsters and terrifyingly horrific experiences, it can also be about anything weird and wonderful that leaves your spine tingling and eyes wide with amazement – and these mystical and mesmerising fire performers definitely leave you amazed! Don’t be the goblin of Halloween and light up your event with breath-taking fire performers that will literally scorch any other entertainment option!

    Hire a Snake Charmer

    Devilishly Hair-raising Stunt Performers

    Speaking of all things weird and wonderful, we have an extensive range of unearthly, deadly, exotic stunt performers that each have their own unique, spine-tingling, hellish act! We’re talking Snake charmers, knife throwers, sword swallowers, acrobats, aerialists and contortionists just to name a few! Create your very own ghastly cocktail of world-class stunt performers and WOW your party guests with unbelievably mind-boggling skill!

    Find out more about our stunt performers here.

    Plan a Murder Mystery Event

    Murder Mystery Night

    Somebody’s been murdered! Whodunnit? Was it the vicar or the scarlet lady? Mad uncle Harry has been acting suspiciously… Don’t be fooled! Dinner, drinks, and a Murder or two… Whether you fancy yourself as a Hercule Poirot, a Sherlock Holmes, or a Miss Marple – a Murder Mystery Games Night is the perfect, fully immersive experience, complete with venue decor and props, to captivate and thrill your guests!

    Find out more about our different Murder Mystery themes here.

    Hire Rocky Horror Tribute Mocky Horror

    Mocky Horror Tribute Show

    Mocky Horror is an outstanding 5 piece tribute to the cult blockbuster movie ‘The Rocky Horror Tribute Show’. Bringing you all the raunchiness, costumes, humour and outrageousness of the original Rocky Horror, you will be doing the Time Warp again, and again.

    Find out more about Mocky Horror Show here.

    Need a helping hand in planning a spine-tingling, hair-raising, spook-tacular event, or wanting to find out more about any of our fang-tastic entertainment option? Why not get in touch and start your event planning journey today! As we said before, Halloween is our favourite time of year and we never need a reason to unleash our devilishly creative ideas! 

  3. Dinner Party Entertainment Ideas

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    Dinner parties aren’t just about the food. Yes, we know that it’s a vital part, but you need to have a backup plan in case your impeccable culinary skills fail you on the day and guests are not impressed with your chosen dishes. The last thing you want is for guests to be twiddling their thumbs around the table whilst you try to salvage the burnt potatoes you left in the oven for far too long. For this reason alone, Big Foot Events have gathered a list of the best dinner party entertainment ideas to take your evening from zero to hero.

    Flair Bartenders

    Keep the drinks flowing and the conversation going – that’s the saying right? Hire Flair Bartenders and Cocktail Waiters to amaze guests with their impeccable skills. Watch in awe as incredibly talented mixologists juggle bottles, spin glasses and stir up a deliciously unique experience. Our Flair Bartenders have the ability to serve up enticing, mouth-watering alcoholic beverages; from classic Espresso Martini’s and Strawberry Daiquiris, to more exotic and adventurous creations. Why not mix it up and have them host an interactive, fast paced, and fun masterclass in the art of Gin making? Wait…did someone say Gin? We’re in!

    Close-up Magic

    Is it really a dinner party without an overly enthusiastic Magician making their way around the table asking someone to pick a card, any card? Furthermore, can you really say you’ve had an authentic encounter with a Magician if they didn’t ask you to pull something out of their hat? Nothing gets people talking more than a magic trick so outrageously mind boggling that it leaves everyone wondering how on earth the Magician managed to pull it off. And that’s why a close-up Magician is the perfect dinner party entertainment! We offer carefully vetted professional, original, and dynamic magicians, who perform unique tricks and illusions with panache, style, and humour that will bring the WOW factor to your evening!

    Surprise Singers

    What’s a party without music? It’s like going ice skating without the skates. Everyone loves a good old-fashioned singalong – especially after a few alcoholic drinks! But why settle for the traditional DJ playing the same old cheesy 90’s songs over and over, when you can book our vibrant, energetic and hilarious surprise singers! They can blend in waiters and waitresses at your dinner party, or even as guests! Then they will spring into action with renditions of pop favourites and opera classics. With a huge repertoire, these award-winning performers will provide a brilliant set to please all, adding a burst of energy into your evening, just when your guests least expect it.


    Hire a professional caricaturist to draw on-the-spot caricatures and cartoons of your guests! Capturing fun and somewhat silly poses of your guests, a caricaturist can personalise each drawing using branded paper relating to your event to make the experience even more memorable for guests! Whether table-hopping during the main course, mingling at the start of the evening whilst guests take their seats or leaving a lasting impression towards the end of the night, a caricaturist is simply unique entertainment!

    We hope that you have found some inspiration on what kind of entertainment to have at your dinner party! We also have an extensive repertoire of other fantastic dinner party entertainment so why not take a look at our ‘Dinner & Drinks’ page on our website.

  4. Unique Office Party Themes

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    If you haven’t read our blog on how to throw an office party that employees and co-workers will actually enjoy then we strongly suggest you do! Or if you have just come from that blog then it’s nice to meet you… again!

    In case you didn’t already know, Big Foot Events have spent the last 15 years helping people plan extraordinary corporate events. That’s right, we’ve seen, and helped create, a spectacular amount of weird, wacky, delightful and world-class party themes. With that in mind, we have put together a list of our favourite party themes that would give any typical office party an added oomph. The best part? Our party packages are designed to not break the bank!

    1920’s Great Gatsby Party Theme

    Invite your employees to step back in time to a 1920s event with a spectacular 20’s themed extravaganza! Whether it’s the glitz and glam of a Great Gatsby style party, or an atmospheric gangster filled Speakeasy, we’ve got an impressive array of iconic 20’s themed props, décor and live entertainment that is sure to turn any venue back in time to the glamorous 1920s.

    We’re talking flapper girls, the best of jazz music playing in the background, gangsters and molls, luxurious and glamorous table dressing and venue décor as well as a scandalous photographer capturing the evening! We will bring you a night so twenties, you’ll be expecting Al Capone to walk through the door at any minute.

    Check out our 1920’s event theme on our site here.

    Alice in Wonderland Theme

    Take a trip down the rabbit hole and bring to life a truly amazing Wonderland. With the Madhatter, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Playing Cards, Queen of Hearts and of course Alice herself, you will feel as though you have actually stepped into Alice’s Wonderland! With interactive meet and greet characters, themed props, décor and live entertainment including but not limited to; giant flowers, talking topiary trees, stilt-walking bushes and the classic Alice in Wonderland backdrop, we will provide everything you need to recreate Lewis Carroll’s famous book! You can expect a night of crazy fun where literally anything can happen!

    Check out our Alice in Wonderland event theme on our site here.

    Circus and Carnival Theme

    Roll up! Roll up! Get your tickets here for the greatest show on earth! Yes, you can relive all the fun and laughter of the circus with our fabulous Circus Themed Event. From clowns and fire eaters to jugglers, contortionists, and an authentic Big Top Tent, all the excitement and thrills of the Circus are waiting for you! Perfect for an office party, your employees and co-workers won’t miss a trick at this Circus extravaganza!

    Check out our Circus and Carnival theme on our site here.

    Viva Las Vegas Theme

    Enjoy the bright lights of Las Vegas with our fabulous Las Vegas Theme Party Package! From gorgeous Giant Martini Glass Hostess and Stunning Feathered Showgirls to classic Casino Tables and elaborate stage-based shows. We can create a completely personalised night to suit you and your guests, making your Vegas themed night one to remember! Let’s not forget, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas – until the next day when you’re the talk of the office!

    Check out our Las Vegas event theme on our site here.

    Winter Wonderland and Narnia Theme

    You don’t need a wardrobe for this Narnia themed event – we’ll bring one! Our creative team can transform any venue into a realistic, breath-taking, unique Winter Wonderland! Featuring ice sculptures, ice King and Queen characters, ice fairies, stilt walking trees, uncanny Narnia meet and greet characters, stilt walking fire breathers and much more! You also don’t have to wait until Christmas to make a Winter Wonderland themed event. With our impressive giant snow globes, snow machines and snow related acts and live entertainment, we can make it snow any time of the year!

    Check out our Winter Wonderland and Narnia event theme on our site here.

    The above suggestions are just a few out of a spectacular list of party theme ideas. We have an array of incredible party packages that you can choose from. Give your employees a true thank you for all of their hard work with an out of this world party experience.

    Check out our Office Party in a Box Packages on our website for more information or give one of our specialist party planners a call. It’s simple, choose your theme and we will take care of the rest! We will arrive before the party and set up your theme as well as coordinate the entertainment – not forgetting returning at the end of the evening to clear up.

  5. Beautiful Night Themed Event – Grosvenor London

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    The Brief

    Big Foot Events were honoured to create “A Beautiful Night” Themed Event at the JW Marriott Grosvenor House Hotel in London for Joymain Global Health & Beauty. Our client wanted to create a unique and memorable experience for their guests, as well as increase their brand awareness and showcase their strong company values. The event theme concept started with two theme ideas, Alice in Wonderland and Prince and Princesses, since we were catering for an international audience, the end result ended up being an amalgamation of the two, but also incorporating a variety of Fairytale characters and Royal Lookalikes!

    The Challenges

    For this conference event and Gala dinner to run smoothly and be successful, we had to make sure that we provided entertainment that everyone could relate to and engage with. The theming and props had to work within the hotel’s restrictions as well as provide guests with an extravagant and never-seen-before experience.

    Since the conference would include two full live production shows, it was important that all lighting and sound systems were timed exactly to create the desired effects on the day of the event. Despite these challenges, we knew that with our 15 years’ experience in event planning and providing live entertainment to the events industry, we would be able to create an amazing event that would exceed all our client’s expectations.

    The Solutions

    In order to overcome any issues on the day of the event, and to make sure we brought our clients vision to life, we arranged several site visits and meetings with both the venue and our client, which resulted in creating mood boards with clear pictures of theme décor, entertainment options, story-boards and site layouts, so that we maintained consistency throughout the event planning process.

    We provided a variety of exciting meet & greet characters including The Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland, Stilt Walking Trees and fairies, as well as Royal Footmen, British Soldiers and Queen Elizabeth Lookalike. Not to mention Beauty and the Beast performers, Ballroom dancers and eleven Trumpeters. This array of entertainment was to incorporate all of the different event themes mentioned above, as well as create a cohesive party atmosphere.

    The Results

    A complete venue transformation was necessary in order to transform a five-star function room into something quite extraordinary. With beautifully placed blue, white and silver drapes and refined table dressing and chair covers situated in the centre of the room, alongside an impressive stage and dancefloor area, the venue oozed elegance and sophistication.

    Incorporated into the venue décor was a mixture of Alice in Wonderland and Beauty and the Beast themed props including meet and greet characters from the iconic films, an incredible flower display, wisteria walkway and even a sparkling white carriage for photo opportunities.

    Before the evening entertainment and Gala Dinner, guests were shown to their seats by friendly hostesses and enjoyed a welcome ceremony featuring incredible live speakers, a spectacular dance troupe and a breath-taking String Quartet. To make it a Royal affair, our uncanny lookalikes consisted of British guards, Footmen and even the Queen!

    Adding a WOW factor to the evening, and serving as incredible mid-dinner entertainment, were World Class Ballroom Dancers, Fanfare Trumpeters and the Rockabellas, a fabulous and incredibly British Vocal Harmony Group. After a delicious three course meal, guests had the pleasure of watching two sensational live production shows.

    The first was a beautiful and captivating rendition of the classic film Beauty and the Beast featuring Mrs Potts, Lumiere, Chip, the Beast and of course Belle! The second was a lively, energetic, weirdly wonderful Alice in Wonderland live production show! Featuring iconic characters from the film including The Mad Hatter, White Rabbit and Alice Herself. Both live shows included a full lighting and sound display with lasers, LED lights and special effects.

    We loved creating this unique, outside the box event for our client and we are glad we managed to exceed all of our client’s expectations and give their guests a memorable experience.

  6. The Greatest Showman Themed Conference & Gala Dinner.

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    The Brief

    One of our clients enlisted our help to create a 2-day ‘The Greatest Showman’ themed Conference and Gala Dinner for their employees and business associates. With strong company values and a committed, dedicated, passionate and hardworking team, we knew that this event had to be a unique, outside the box, never-seen-before affair. The overall concept of this event was to hold a screening of ‘The Greatest Showman’ film on the first day, followed by a Gala dinner for 110 guests on the second day

    The Challenges

    Here at Big Foot Events, we love a new challenge, and as this event was being held on the empty grounds of the De Vere Latimer Estate in Chesham, we had to build the venue from the ground up. This definitely was a difficult challenge, but due to our 15 years’ experience in providing live entertainment and personalised party packages to the outdoor events industry, our team was able to create our very own impressive, authentic and giant ‘Big Top’ – otherwise known as a Circus tent.

    In order for this event to run smoothly, be successful and give our clients a memorable experience – for all the right reasons, we had to make sure that all of our props and technical equipment worked perfectly during the 2-day event. Due to the nature of the event being Circus themed, it was crucial that the production throughout the evening ran on time and went off without a hitch. And finally, as this was going to be a large scale event with a lot of staging equipment as well as lighting and sound systems, it was important that we made sure the unloading, setting up and packing up of the equipment did not damage the hotel grounds or disturb other guests staying at the hotel

    The Solutions

    In order to overcome any technical or production issues on the evening of the event, and to make sure we brought our client’s vision to life, we arranged several site visits and meetings with both the venue and our client, which resulted in creating mood boards with clear pictures of colour schemes, décor and venue layouts, so that we maintained consistency throughout the event planning process. We also went through all health and safety regulations with the required authorities and issued copies of all certifications needed to the venue for this event to be able to go ahead as planned.

    The Results

    On the 1st day, guests walked up to our incredible Big Top tent, which in true ‘Greatest Showman’ fashion, consisted of red and cream décor throughout. And continuing with the theme, inside the Circus tent were comfy bean bags, hay bales and a ginormous Cinema screen with a projector for when the screening of the film started. And the fun did not stop there, as well as delicious Candy Floss and Popcorn carts for snacks, there were also several miniature outdoor heaters to enhance the cosy film night vibe. It was 1 hour and 45 minutes of laughter, tears, heartache and compete admiration – if you have watched ‘The Greatest Showman’, then you will completely understand all of these emotions.


    The 2nd day was when the fun really began, as we had an evening of pure mind-blowing, wacky, and mesmerising live entertainment planned for guests. The Circus tent was transformed from the cosy movie night environment that took place the night before into an incredibly realistic Circus tent. Classically decorated with Circus props, décor, and live entertainment, it looked as if the Circus really had come to town. The tables were decorated to of course match the theme, with colourful table centres, table linens and chair covers, as well as added extras such as table mirrors, crystals, and tea lights – which just added to the overall Circus experience.

    Guests were greeted on arrival with drinks and canapes and then showed to their seats by our friendly staff. We then had our sensational Circus performers including Stilt Walkers, Acrobatic performers, Fire Breathers and even a Snake Whisperer entertain guests throughout the dinner. And the entertainment did not stop there, as the Bearded Lady, Strong Men, and even the Ring Master himself made a special appearance to meet, interact and take a great selfie with guests before the evening entertainment.

    We provided a full stage with sound and lighting packages, as well as AV with multiple screens and image projectors that set the mood for a well-lit dinner, as well as created a lively party atmosphere for the main evening show. The show consisted of a 4-piece tribute act performing a 60-minute vocal show of all ‘The Greatest Showman’ hits, accompanied by a troupe of sensational dancers, acrobats, and aerial performers. This was a real talking point of the night and generated a lot of photo and video opportunities with guests singing and dancing along to the music.

    Mixed in with the live entertainment were some extra special interactive activities for guests to enjoy, including the ‘High Striker’ game, where guests battled it out to test who had the most strength, as well as the company branded photobooth with Circus themed props to pose with.

    Due to noise restrictions, we had to come up with alternative entertainment for the after party that would entertain people and keep them from leaving the event early. With this in mind, we provided headphones as well as a DJ to handle the music, and watched in amusement as guests sang, danced, and laughed the night away whilst participating in a silent disco.

    We had such an incredible time creating an amazing 2-day event for our client, and we are delighted that we managed to exceed our client’s expectations and provide their guests with a unique experience they will remember forever.