How to throw office parties that employees and co-workers actually enjoy!

We all know that office and work-related parties can go one of two ways; they either consist of eager to please colleagues talking non-stop about work and boring fellow co-workers to death, or they can get a little wild and all the stresses of the job are released onto the dancefloor with that shy and timid employee unleashing her talent for robot dancing. We know which one we would prefer – wild all the way! It’s the only time that employees get to communicate socially outside of work, and you know what they say – a happy team is a productive team!

If you’re now fearing that your office party is going to be a snooze fest, there’s no need to scrap those invitations and throw in the towel just yet as Big Foot Events have put together a list of tips on how to throw an office party that employees and co-workers will actually enjoy. The best part? All of our tips can already be found in the office and are designed to not break the bank!

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Host the party during work hours

The most important tip we can give you is to host your office party during office hours. If you think about it smartly then it actually makes sense. Here’s why; employees shouldn’t have to cancel their evening plans to attend a work function – better yet, they shouldn’t have to stress about finding a late-night babysitter in order to attend. Give employees an actual break from work by hosting the party during their normal work hours. This will not only create a buzz around the office, but it will ensure most employees are free to attend as they won’t have made other plans as they are normally at work during that time. You should also inform them that they won’t have to work late in order to make up lost time so that they can truly enjoy the party and not have to worry about making up the work.

Incorporate games and entertainment

Although it is a work-related party, it does not mean you can’t incorporate fun, engaging and a little competitive entertainment! Interactive games are a great way to break the ice and get people interacting with each other. What gets people talking to each other more than a little light-hearted competition? You should also include live entertainment for attendees to enjoy in order to not only keep them entertained throughout the evening, but to also make them desperate for an invite to the next kick-ass office party.

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Make sure there is Party food

We shouldn’t have to mention this, but we’ve heard horror stories amongst horror stories about there not being any party food at a party – can you believe it? Food is a staple at any party and it’s often the deciding factor on whether your party is a success or a fail. When choosing the catering for a party, it’s crucial to honour attendees’ dietary requirements. Ask people to RSVP with their dietary requirements or ask co-workers their preferred food options so that everyone feels included on the day of the event.

Make sure all attendees have all the details

Sounds simple but you would be surprised how many people often forget to mention to guests the most important information regarding the party. It’s important to let people know the basic party details in order for everyone to have a positive experience. Let people know when and where the party will be held – just because it’s a work-related party doesn’t mean you have to host it at the office. Let them know whether alcohol will be served so that they can sort a designated driver or leave their car at home and get a taxi or public transport. Let them know if they can bring a plus one – you don’t want that picky and annoying employee kicking up a fuss because they didn’t realise that they could bring their equally annoying other half. And finally, inform people of the theme and dress code. This is a MUST DO when inviting people to a themed event. You don’t want those office pictures ruined because someone came in a Hawaiian shirt when the dress code was black tie.

We can 100% guarantee that if you follow these simply but effective tips on how to throw a stellar office party then it will be a huge success and will go down extremely well with employees and co-workers. Need help in planning your office party? Big Foot Events are here to help! We’ve got a dedicated team of event and party planners with over 15 years of experience in the events industry.

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