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Alice In Wonderland Themed Event

Take a trip down the rabbit hole and bring to life a truly amazing Wonderland. Hire characters, props and full table and venue dressing to recreate Lewis Carroll's famous book! With the Madhatter, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Playing Cards, Queen of Hearts and of course Alice herself, you will have a truly magical evening.

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    It’s time to take a trip down the rabbit hole and bring to life a truly amazing Wonderland. With the help of Mad Hatter, White Rabbit and Alice herself, you can host your very own unique and quirky tea party! Take a sip of our potion filled with extravagant venue dressing, props & effects and turn your small idea into something the Queen of Hearts herself will be proud of!

    An Alice in Wonderland Themed Event is a perfect party concept if done right. With our incredible props, live entertainment and themed decor, you can host one magical event!

    Join Alice and her eccentric friends as our themed performers meet, greet and entertain your guests! Have the White Rabbit weaving through the crowd as the Cheshire Cat slyly grins from his aerial hoop on the ceiling. Add a little laughter and amazement as Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee show off their incredible acrobatics skills.

    Venue Decor
    Enter the magical world of Alice and her wonderful Wonderland. We will transform your venue with colourful and extravagant venue dressing, props & effects. Let your guests enter through topiary trees, giant flowers, twinkling lights with mood-lit lighting and experience a crazy fun packed night where literally anything could happen!
    It’s All About The Finishing Touches
    For a truly incredible Alice in Wonderland themed event, why not feed your guests with a Wonderland themed dessert cart, with “Eat Me” cupcakes and biscuits. Invite a Mad Hatter flair bartender to mix up wonderful “Drink Me” cocktail creations.

    “The guys were great, their attitude was fantastic and they really interacted well with the crowd all evening and stayed in character. The main stage performance was enjoyable and went down well with the crowd.”
    Diamond Creative

    “Hi Erica – Our Alice in Wonderland themed event was amazing! My only worry is how I top that next year! I’ll be needing some ideas. I really think it started the evening off brilliantly which then continued all night. They mingled during dinner and lots of tables had photos with them. Thanks very much for the hair, make up and costume efforts as well. They looked perfect. Just what I wanted.”
    Emma McKeown – Armstrong Watson – Carlisle



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