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Celebrate a sporting extravaganza with a Football, Golf, Horse Racing or any type of sports themed event!



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    Celebrate a sporting themed event with a Football, Golf, Horse Racing, Rugby or any type of sports event!

    Host a Sports Themed Event such as World Cup Football, Olympic Sports, Tennis & Golf Championships or Ski & Apres Ski Parties! Hire Sporting Entertainers, After Dinner Speakers and Sports Themed Games, ideal for team building, bonding or just having Sporting Fun!

    • Football Themed Event Ideas & Entertainment
      Why not create your own Football league and take part in a friendly football match? Or host a Football awards ceremony with public speakers and personalised certificates? Or add some fun to the competitiveness of Football with outdoor inflatables? With our range of Football themed entertainment, venue decor and interactive props, you can create your own World Cup! Make it an all out event and hire food carts to satisfy peoples hunger during half time. Book a skillful Football free-stylist to entertain guests with impressive tricks during your awards ceremony.
      Take a look at our most popular Football themed activities and entertainment for hire below!
      Pro Evolution Game with Giant Screen
      Penalty Shoot Out
      Foosball Table Hire
      Human Table Football
      Rodeo Football
      Football Girls & Dancers
      Walkabout acts
      Inflatable Footballers
      Comedy Referee Walkabout Act
      Football Freestylers
      Celebrity Lookalikes
    • Golf Themed Event Ideas & Entertainment
      Try your hand at golf and create your very own Golf course! Perfect for team building, sporting ceremonies and events. Hit a whole in one and bring the golf course inside with mini Gold courses.
      Take a look at all of our fantastic Gold activities and entertainment for hire below!
      Golf Simulation Game with Giant Screen
      Putting Simulator
      Golf Pool
      Crazy Golf Course
      Velcro Golf | Sticky Golf
    • Horse Racing Themed Event Ideas & Entertainment
      Who’s ready for a day at the races? There’s no need to put a bet on a good time as that’s already guaranteed with a day at the races themed event! Can’t get tickets? Don’t want to brace the bad weather? Bring the races to you with our incredible range of interactive activities and live entertainment.
      Take a look at all the Horse Racing props you can hire for your event below!
      Horse Racing Interactive Game
      Race Night
      Space Hopper Horse Racing Game
      Ascot Style Stilt Walkers & Hostesses
      Jockeys on Bouncy Stilts
      Big Hatted Ladies
    • Olympic Themed Event Ideas & Entertainment
      Go for gold with an Olympic themed event! Make your own sporting arena and host your own Olympics. Hire skillful acrobatic performers to compete for gold! Celebrate British sport with British themed flags, drapes and chair covers for decoration. Take your event from bronze to gold with our incredible range of Olmpic themed decor and live entertainment!
      See below some of our props, acts and activities for hire that will create the perfect Olympic themed event!
      Acrobatic Gymnastics & Balancing Acts
      Dancers & Stilt Walkers
      Olympic British Bathers
      Human Statues
      Gym-Tastic Olympic Aerial Artists
      Jack Union – Olympic Themed Comedy Contortion
      The Legwarmerz Comedy Aerobic Instructors
      Themed Fire Eaters & Fire Performers
      British Themed Human Tables
      Bunting, Flags & Decor
    • Other Sport Themed Games
      Create your very own muti-sport event and get guests riled up and in that competitive spirit! Or choose from one of our activities and make it a stand out feature at your event. From Archery, Snooker, Tennis, Boxing, Rugby and many other sports, we’ve got the very best affordable interactive sports games for hire.
      Take a look at some of our sports props, entertainment and interactive activities that you can hire below!
      Laser Archery
      Snooker | Pool Table Hire
      Table Tennis | Ping Pong Table Hire
      Wimbledon Tennis on Wii with Giant Screen
      Space Hopper Grand Prix
      Kangaroo Boxing
      Sumo Wrestling
      Rugby Ball Rodeo Ride
    • Sporting Themed Decor
      No matter which sport you decide to choose as your theme, you have to have amazing themed decor to match that sport. Your creating an event therefore the sporting activity can’t be the only thing you should focus on. The decor of your chosen venue is just as important. It should scream all things sport. From lighting and sound to dance floors and stages, we’ve got the perfect decor and props to add to your Sport Theme. You also need fantastic entertainment to go alongside your sporting activity. From guest speakers and famous lookalikes to dancers and musicians – entertainment is key to any successful Sports Themed Event.

    Have a look at our most popular Sport themed decor, props and entertainment for hire below!

    Sporting After Dinner Speakers
    Themed Room decor & props
    Lighting & Special Effects
    Stage Shows
    Function Bands


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