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Ice Sculptures & Luges

Ice Sculptures & Luges built specifically to your chosen design and size. Perfect for weddings, parties and corporate functions.


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    Ice sculptures, luges and centre pieces provide a stunning talking point for any event. With each sculpture hand-carved, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

    The ice is frozen using specially filtered water to create the clearest look. It is then inspected for it’s clarity before carving, to ensure you always get the highest standard for your sculpture. Once the LED lights are switched on, they illuminate your sculpture creating a spectacular effect.

    Personalised sculptures are very popular, for example names, dates, ages and logos can be carved out of or in to the ice. In addition objects can also be frozen into the ice, with flowers, pictures, fruit, bottles, jewellery…even seating plans embedded in the sculpture. Colourful objects and logos look amazing shining through the clear ice.

    Our sculptures are often carved specifically to store flowers in a beautiful glass vase, champagne bottles, keeping the drink nice and cool; or even candles, creating a beautiful mix of fire and ice.

    Vodka luges are a very popular, with sculptures made with channels where spirits are poured. As the drink travels through the ice, it cools, reaching the perfect temperature for the thirsty guest at the other end! Luges can be made in most shapes and sizes, with the male & female torsos being very popular for adult events.

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