Hire Props, Decor and Entertainment for a Jungle or Zoo Themed Event

Jungle & Zoo Themed Event

Go WILD in the Jungle with life-size Animal Props, 4-legged Animal Stilt Walkers, a life-size Orangutan and Jungle Themed Decor! Create an impressive Jungle or Zoo Themed Event with our breathtaking live themed acts and creative venue decor, or create your own Big Cat Park with a Tiger King Theme Night!


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    Master the art of camouflage as you climb trees, swing from vines, drink from waterholes and try to blend in with wildlife at your very own Jungle themed event!

    Getting up close and personal with animals such as Lions, Tigers, Zebras and Bears is almost impossible without a trip to the Zoo or Safari Park. That being said, a Jungle or Zoo themed party with props, decor and live entertainment from Big Foot Events can bring that Safari experience, as well as all those wild animals to you and your guests.

    Whether your inspiration comes from an exhilarating David Attenborough documentary, Rudyard Kipling’s incredibly well-known Jungle Book or Sam Weisman’s hilarious film classic George of the Jungle, with help from Big Foot Events, you can transform any venue into a mind-blowing realistic Jungle and host your very own rumble in the jungle!

    Impressive Palm Trees,  Bamboo Plants, a PA system playing Jurrasic themed music and personalised Venue Dressing & Décor Packages will definitely set the scene, but why stop there? It wouldn’t be an actual Jungle experience without wild animals.

    You can bring to life the true essence of the wild with a fantastic animal roadshow. This interactive animal encounter lets you meet AND feed a variety of exotic creatures. Choose from Teasle the Owl, Spencer the Crocodile, Tina the Tarantula, Chester the Skunk, Disa the Meercat and Stich the Burmese Python – the list is endless!

    Treemendous Stilt Walking Giant Tree Creatures, Human Hedges, Topiary Trees, 4-legged Animal Stilt Walkers, a giant walking Orangutan, the uniquely brilliant Flower People, and interactive Living Tables make for the perfect meet & greet entertainment and will add a WOW factor to your event! An impressive LED Dancefloor, skillful Flair Bartenders and hostesses dressed to match your theme will finish off your Jungle extravaganza perfectly.

    New for 2020 is a Tiger King Themed Night! Oh yes, with the popularity of the Netflix sensation we can recreate Joe Exotic’s Big Cat Theme Park! Contact us today for more information!

    This is a great theme for venue themed nights, parties, corporate functions or any event where your guests will enjoy fancy dress and a chance to blend in – or stand out!

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