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Wild West | Country & Western Themed Event

Put on your cowboy hat and create the perfect Wild West party with our themed entertainment and venue decor.


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    Howdy partner, you best saddle up and pack your holster as we’re taking you back in time to the wild wild west. Put on your cowboy hat and boots plus your best chequered shirt and get ready for a good old fashioned hoedown! We’re talkin’ Bull riding, Horse-shoe tossing, Tin Can shooting, and Line Dancing fun.

    Whether it’s a showdown you’re after or your very own Saloon bar, we’ve got all the decor, props and entertainment to give your Country and Western Themed Event that authentic Wild West feel!

    Entertainment & Games
    What’s a true Country & Western without Bull riding, Horseshoe tossing, Tin Can shooting and a good old fashioned showdown? With our impressive Rodeo Bull, you can compete with fellow cowboys in a Bull riding competition. Show off your impeccable aim with a Tin Can shootout or come face to face with John Wayne in an intense Quick draw. You’re going to need a good eye if you want to take part in Cactus Lassoing and Horse Shoe tossing if you want to show everyone who the top cowboy or cowgirl is! Our range of Western & Country themed props ensure that everyone will have a hog-killin’ Time.

    Venue Decor
    Walk through our incredible tavern doors and instantly be transported to a Wild West Saloon bar! Watch out for the Cactus’s as you head straight to the bar to bend an elbow with the boys. Don’t be fooled, you may see a Tumbleweed or two but that doesn’t mean the Saloon is empty – it’s just a part of the theme. Don’t whip out your pistol just yet as you’ll be surrounded by Cowboy cut-outs and sent packin’ to the Hoosegow (Western Jail). Horse props, Lasso props, Wagon Wheels and Barrels finish off the authentic Country & Western Wild West theme.

    Live Music
    Have you mastered the two step yet? Our range of fantastic Wild West themed bands and tributes will get everyone up on their feet. You could be raisin’ sand with Dolly Parton as you reminisce about Jolene or be feeling like a woman with Shania Twain. You will be putting those cowboy boots to good use by tapping your heels to Johnny Cash and swaying your hips to Kenny Rogers. And most importantly, it wouldn’t be a hoedown without Line Dancing and our live Country Bands will be doing just that! Be prepared to be overcome with excitement for this Country and Western or Wild West Themed Event.


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