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If youre looking for an evening's entertainment like youve never seen before, then meet Giles, Ralph, Graham & Neal Broadbent aka Stringfever.

With their electric instruments and unique sound, the worlds first genetically modified string quartet combine exceptional musical skill with a real talent for involving and engaging audiences to provide you with a night youll never forget.

Giles Broadbent - Big brother

Leader of the pack. Former West End konzertmeister. Royal Academy of Music, gypsy violin demon, you name it, he'll play it - the faster the better. Favourite sports: skiing, cordless bungee jumping. Plays a bright blue 5 string Violectra.


Ralph Broadbent - Middle brother

MC and chief musical arranger. Royal Academy of Music. Less height than his band mates but more strings. Football mad. Plays a 6 string Violectra.


Neal Broadbent - Little brother

Amazing musician, male model, international playboy... are all things he'd love to be when he grows up. Provides bass and live beat-box simultaneously, making him Stringfever's one man rhythm section. Plays a red 5 string Violectra.


Graham Broadbent - Cousin

Gentle, jolly, giant. Heavyweight viola champion of the World. Royal College of Music. Versatile vocal chords; Marlon Brando to Kate Winslet. Plays a navy blue 5 string Violectra.

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