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The Stray Horns

The Stray Horns are a high energy 4-piece roaming brass band that have been entertaining crowds with their electrifying performances since their formation in 2022.


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    A High energy, Acoustic & Fun Roaming Party Brass Band From New Orleans through to Pop.

    The Stray Horns are a compact outfit packed full of fun energy and good vibes, ready to entertain! From New Orleans brass bands all the way through to the latest party songs, these guys have got it covered. Happy to take requests to play your favourite songs, The Stray Horns are an ideal sprinkle of afternoon delights for your event.

    The Stray Horns have been entertaining crowds with their electrifying performances since their formation in 2022.

    Known for their ability to play a wide variety of music styles, ranging from traditional New Orleans jazz to modern pop hits, they have become a popular choice for weddings, corporate events, and other special occasions.

    The band’s members have been playing music together for years, honing their skills in various groups and ensembles before joining forces to form the Stray Horns. With their unique combination of trumpet, sousaphone, saxophone, and percussion, the band creates a full, rich sound that gets people up and dancing.

    One of the things that sets the Stray Horns apart from other bands is their ability to take requests and tailor their sets to suit the occasion. Whether it’s a classic jazz standard or a contemporary pop hit, they are always up for the challenge and love nothing more than seeing a crowd come to life on the dance floor.

    Over the years, the Stray Horns have built up a loyal following, earning a reputation as one of the most entertaining and versatile brass bands on the scene. They have performed at countless weddings, corporate events, and private parties, as well as at festivals and venues across the north west.

    Despite their success, the Stray Horns remain grounded and passionate about their craft. They are constantly pushing themselves to learn new songs and styles, and are always looking for ways to connect with their audience and make their performances even more memorable.
    With their infectious energy and unparalleled musicianship, the Stray Horns are a band that you won’t soon forget.

    Whether you’re looking to hire them for your next event or catch them live at a local venue, you’re sure to be swept up in the excitement and joy that they bring to every performance.

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