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The Glow Notes

A visually stunning and musically exciting show! This combination brings a truly unique dimension to any event!

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    Looking for something different and unique for your next event?

    Want something both visually stunning as well as musically exciting?

    Need something to impress your guests as well as keep them dancing all night long?

    Then look no further than The Glow Notes! A DJ, Percussionist, Guitarist and Saxophonist Trio that perform with all the energy of a live band but with the never ending set list of a DJ!

    Using the LED Drums alongside the DJ Decks Harry creates a party atmosphere right from the word go, and with the addition of Ellie on wireless Light Up Saxophone and Will on the LED transparent Guitar they can really get in on the action. All of these instruments are custom made, so you’re not going to see a show like this anywhere else!

    The idea behind The Glow Notes is to create an exciting, contagious and energetic party atmosphere that only live musicians can do, but at the same time have the ability to party all night long by combining with a DJ. This combination brings a truly unique dimension to any Event, Wedding or Club Night and never fails to delight the entire crowd.

    The Glow Notes also perform a classical music show experience set to amazing visuals from their light up instruments. From the Laser Harp to the LED Saxophone, The Glow Notes bring classical music to life which is an amazing addition to any event!

    The Glow Notes is the coming together of three visually exciting musicians that have toured worldwide for such companies as Disney, Thomson, Club Class and Celebrity Cruise Line as well as performing shows in cities all over the world!

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