Guide Fee: £5000 - £6000

Location: Nationwide
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The style? A real kitchen sink of a musical drama. Baroque and roll gone berserk. It's a gentle kind of audience participation that will sway even the most coy of spectators. So don't drop your guard.

Entertainment by the Comedy Cabaret “Brahms and Liszt” is a unique blend of humour and music with an almost hypnotic form of gentle audience participation.  But don’t go running to the bar at that dreaded word.  The audience will be having so much fun they’ll hardly know they’ve been had!!
The Cabaret was designed to bring a little light relief to formal banquets and balls and is performed during the sit down meal.  It usually runs for about two hours and is based on two confused classical musicians who appear to have walked into the wrong concert hall and are performing classical music to the wrong audience.  They slowly manage to inveigle the audience into helping them out with hilarious consequences and resulting in everyone joining in a “Last Night of the Proms” Finale.
The entertainment is tailored to the company or customer who is hosting the evening and can include information previously given regarding the background of the guests. Brahms & Liszt have entertained in many different countries for people of all nationalities with great success as a lot of the humour is visual.  Frank’s pet claim is that he can play 43 National Anthems!!
They can provide appropriate live music and fanfares for presentation and award ceremonies and work to themed evenings.
If dancing is required after the meal, Frank and Des will return, after a short break, with Janice on Bass guitar and vocals to become the Frank Flynn Band and play dance music to suit everyone from the Big Band Sound to Rock ‘n’ Roll, sixties hits and pop tunes.
They are completely self-contained and can provide the whole evening’s entertainment entirely on our own.  They have entertained at functions from 32 to 2,500 guests.

The fun doesn't finish until the very last moment. Wait & see!

"'s very rare to find entertainment so completely different which received universal acclaim by all delegates, Brahms & Liszt certainly were...your performance ensured the success of the evening."
£M Medical Products Division

"Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of corporate clients and thousands of entertainers and your guys were in the top league! Well cone and my thanks for making Vodafone's final evening probably one of the most memorable on record.

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