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Spence, our animatronic Spinosaurus Dinosaur is the wildest dinosaur we own!

With his distinctive spines and sharp teeth, he is extremely attractive to children and adults alike.... but don't let his crocodile-like smile fool you! He is wild and quite unpredictable!

Thankfully, he comes with a fully-qualified Dinosaur Ranger who keeps him on his best behaviour. Spence Spinosaurus is still very young and we aim to have him fully trained soon! You can help to train him, by walking with our Spinosaurus dinosaur. 

Spinosaurus were the most carnivorous meat-eaters of all the dinosaurs that roamed the earth, and Spence is no different! This youngster is permanently hungry and on the look-out for food, and with his super-sharp teeth you are warned not to get too close! 

Thanks to a starring role in Jurassic Park 3, Spence Spinosaurus has never been more popular! Hire a Spinosaurus dinosaur for schools, museums, festivals, shopping centres, parties and events!

Children love his cool looks and cheeky expressions.... have you ever seen a smiling Spinosaurus before?

Hire a Spinosaurus Dinosaur and Ranger for a Jurassic experience at your venue!

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