Unique Halloween Event Ideas and Themes

When it comes to Halloween Event planning, it’s all too easy to fall into the cliché of fake-blood-splattered t-shirts and white bedsheet ghosts. This is why picking a unique theme is an absolute game-changer! Breathe new life into this year’s Halloween celebrations and take your event from average to unforgettable!

Take the conventional fright-night approach – with extra, unexpected scares – or pick n mix it up with something a little sweeter! Big Foot Events will provide the perfect themed entertainment, music, venue dressing, and ideas to make your Halloween event a truly unique spooktacular night!

Carnival of Curiosities

Roll up, roll up! With this Halloween event theme, bring the enigmatic world of circus sideshows to life with bizarre performers, oddities, and vintage carnival games.

Set the stage with a Circus Big Top Tent decorated with circus props, funfair side stalls, and carnival fun and games. Immerse your guests in a mesmerising extravaganza, featuring a troupe of peculiar talents that include Contortionists and Aerial Performers, Pierrot Clowns, Clown Stilt Walkers, enchanting Illusionists who defy belief, and daring Fire Breathers who challenge the inferno itself. Include a Fortune Teller‘s table adorned with crystal balls and tarot cards, casting a spell over your Halloween event. Sit on the edge of your seat and enjoy the show!

Macabre Masquerade

For your next Halloween event, host a macabre masquerade ball! This theme blends the elegance of a traditional masquerade with the spookiness of Halloween.

Combine elegant gothic fashion with an eerie ambience: think black lace, candlelit settings, and a touch of Victorian macabre for a truly unique and stylish Halloween experience. Decorate with gothic elements such as candelabras, spiderwebs, and dark roses. Incorporate Halloween-themed decor such as carved pumpkins and eerie silhouettes. Illuminate your vent with dim, flickering candlelight. Include performers such as Fire Dancers or Burlesque artists for added entertainment, and masked performers will blend seamlessly with the crowd – surprising guests! A spooky String Quartet will perfectly soundtrack your event.

Twisted Fairy Tales

Twist beloved fairy tales into darker versions, where the protagonists have taken a sinister turn in this Halloween event theme. Our favourite tale to twist is Alice in Wonderland.

Fall down the rabbit hole into the sinister side of this story! Transform your venue with surreal, exaggerated, and bewildering props. Enrich the experience with cuisine tailored to the theme, featuring an ‘Eat Me’ Tea Party Buffet and Flair Bartenders garbed as playing cards, conjuring ‘Drink Me’ cocktails. Throughout the evening, mingle with characters like the formidable Queen of Hearts and the whimsically unhinged Mad Hatter, adding an element of enchanting chaos to the gathering. Everyone’s favourite characters have gone awry and guests will be mesmerised by our Clock Heads and Bouncy White Rabbit Stilt Walkers.

The Witches’ Coven

Embrace the mystique of witchcraft and magic with this Halloween event theme!

Set the scene with draped fabrics, cauldrons, potion bottles, and tarot cards! Arrange for our interactive Sorcery Workshops to run throughout the event, getting everybody involved in the magic. Our witchy characters will host an array of activities! Your guests can learn potion-making, craft their own wands, learn spell-casting, and herbology. At our Witches’ Brew Bar, guests can enjoy themed cocktails and mocktails served in cauldron-inspired cups! Our Fortune Teller will read your guests’ cards and offer mystical insights and fortune-telling for guests intrigued by the occult.

No Tricks, Just Treats

If fright isn’t your forte, take the delightfully sugary path for your Halloween event! A pick n mix theme plays on the trick or treat tradition, but there’s nothing to be scared of here. Our Candy Girl Canapé Hostesses will roam your venue handing out sweets and chocolate. Decorate with whimsical oversized sweetie props, chocolate fountains, and beautiful pastel draping! Treat your guests to an array of delectable delights served from our charming themed Food Carts.

Forbidden Forest

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise!

A Forbidden Forest Halloween event theme masterfully intertwines the eerie and mystical, offering an experience like no other! Mythical creatures will roam your venue, such as Dreygo the Dragon – a captivating smoke-breathing beast who may be accompanied by a Merlin-esque Wizard or a playfully mischievous fairy! Breathe life into the very forest itself with an ensemble of Themed Performers. The ethereal Forest Garden Stilt Walkers who tread gracefully among the guests, the towering Giant Tree Stilt Walkers that evoke the grandeur of ancient woodland, or the mesmerising presence of an Enchanted Flower Globe, emanating an otherworldly allure!