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Magical Mystical Themed Event

It’s time to stock up on arrows, sharpen your swords and put on your best metal armour as you host your very own Magical themed event.


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    It’s time to stock up on arrows, sharpen your swords and put on your best metal armour as you host your very own Magical Mystical themed event. Transport back in time to an era where Dragons ruled the Kingdom, Wizards and Witches are no longer in the shadows and mystical creatures run freely! With our range of themed props, décor and entertainment, you can transform any venue into your very own Hogwarts, Medieval Castle or Ancient Realm.

    Join Harry, Ron and Hermione in protecting Hogwarts and defeating ‘he who must not be named’ with magical potions and impressive spells. Protect your Kingdom from being overrun by fire breathing Dragons with your own army of soldiers and impressive weaponry. Create a magical Realm where mystical creatures are free to roam, discover and explore. Perfect for any Venue, Wedding, Party or Corporate Event, watch as we transform any venue into a magical, enchanting, mystical affair!

    Harry Potter Themed Event
    All abroad platform 9 ¾. It’s time to hop on the Hogwarts Express and enter a world of all things Harry Potter. Jump on your giant 6ft broomstick ‘The Nimbus 2000’ and fly high in a heart-wrenching game of Quidditch. Let ‘The Sorting Hat’ determine which house in Hogwarts you are destined to be in and plot the prank of all pranks with the mischievous Weasley twins. You can also hire a Harry Potter themed Photo Pod and invisibility cloak green screen! With uncanny character lookalikes, incredibly realistic themed props and décor including giant wands, hanging candles, petrified cats, The Sorting Hat and Harry Potter himself, hosting your own Harry Potter themed event is now as easy as saying Abracadabra!

    Wizards & Witchcraft Themed Event
    Surround yourself with mystical creatures in your very own magical realm. Practise your potions with talented Wizards, cause a little mayhem with the Dwarfs and Imps and take care of the wounded using fairy dust. Bring your realm to life with realistic Forest, Castle and Medieval backdrops as well as impressive lighting and sound displays! Enchant guests with eye-catching meet and greet acts including magical fairies, stilt-walking trees and flamboyant human bushes. Add a WOW factor to your enchanted realm theme with an incredibly realistic, ginormous, interactive, fire breathing Dragon!

    Magical Themed Event
    You don’t need a time machine or a magic spell to host your own majestic and magical themed event!
    Dress up in your finest armour and get your bow and arrow ready as you defend your Castle from fire-breathing Dragons. You’ll need all the help you can get to win the battle against these ferocious beasts, so it’s time to call in a favour and ask the fairies, Elves, Dwarfs, Witches and Wizards of your Kingdom to help join in on the fight. With sensational meet and greet acts, magicians and captivating medieval characters including Knights, Gnomes, Halflings, Barbarians and Elves, you can wear a crown and be king of your very own magical Castle. With themed lighting and sound effects as well as fantastic props and décor including Castle, Forest and Medieval backdrops, interactive Fairy walkaround tables, stilt-walking trees, enchanting mushrooms, and impressive ice sculptures, you can delight guests with a true historic, medieval, supernatural experience.

    With our extensive range of magic, medieval and mystical themed event packages, you can create a completely unique party experience for you and your guests!

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