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The Acro-Chaps

The Acro-Chaps are David, Tony and Jamie - and very dashing young men they are! Marvel at astounding feats of strength and skill! Be dazzled by their charm, their muscles and their moustaches!

  • The Acro-Chaps are David, Tony and Jamie – and very dashing young men they are! Firm believers that there is nothing in life that cannot be improved by the application of a good moustache, these three intrepid fellows set out to entertain, dazzle and amaze…

    David Downie – The “Strong” one…

    David will usually be found at the base of the human pyramids at its great strength that’s the foundation stone for this amazing acrobatic troupe. He grew his first whiskers at the tender ages of 7, and less than a year later this had developed into his full “handlebar” moustache. The moustache was the envy of his junior school!

    He came into circus at the relatively late age of 26, but what started as a hobby soon become a passion and then a full time job. David’s first professional engagement was with a touring production of “Barnum the musical” and since then he has worked as an acrobat all over the World – Hong Kong, Dubai, China, Thailand, India, Pakistan and many other place.

    Jamie Frith – The “Brave One…

    Jamie is known to be completely fearless and he’s usually the brave chap found balances precariously on top of a human pyramid. He is also a clever fellow, having obtained a first class degree in maths from Cambridge University – he specialised in the structural mathematics of the perfect “walrus” moustache.

    Jamie soon decided that the world of maths was not for him as there was a distinct lack of gentlemen with moustaches – so he ran away to a circus school called Circomedia. Here he soon joined forced with the other Acro-Chaps and has since worked in many exotic places such as Hong Kong, McDonalds and Dubai.

    Tony Phipps – The “Handsome” one…

    Tony is a vain devil and will normally be found primping and preening in front of a mirror, just prior to a show, the ensure that he looks his best for any young fillies present. He was more follicularly challenged that the other Acro-Chaps with his first full moustache not developing until his mid twenties. But, by golly, the wait was worth it ad he now sports a very dappy “tache”!

    When not waving at the ladies, Tony is very talented acrobatic and he can often be found balanced on his hands in all sorts or weird places …like the other chaps, Tony has travelled all around the World with his acrobatic work and while doing this he has gathered some top photos of the World’s best facial hair!

  • Victorian Strongmen

    Hailing from the golden age of music hall we are indeed proud to present the strongmen ‘Victor’, ‘Ian’ and their younger brother ‘Barnaby.’
    Both on the ground and up in the air on the high trapeze the ‘Strong Brothers’ will perform extraordinary feats of strength, daring and balance.
    They are sure to leave any audience stunned with appreciation. Roll up, Roll up for the
    Greatest Show on Earth!
    Victor and Ian are also able to offer a comedy duo trapeze act.

    The City Slickers

    Forget about balancing the books, these guys are able to balance on just about anything.
    Our cohort of “City Slickers” is ideal for creating a stir at any event.
    Dressed in business suits and splendid bowler hats, they blend in with the crowd until they begin incredible displays of acrobatics.
    They are very interactive, often persuading people from the crowd into helping them out with their acrobatic antics, usually to the delight of all around!
    If the boardroom has to meet gender equality targets then we can arrange for a couple of acrobatic business-women to join the team.

    Circus Strongmen

    Roll up, Roll up for the Greatest Show on Earth!
    The amazing, fantastic and acrobatic “Strong Brothers” have entertained royalty all around Europe.
    They have tumbled for William the Conqueror; and performed handstands for King Louis X of France; they have even balanced on their heads for King Mohammed III of Spain!
    They really are the most talented acrobats in all of Medieval England!!
    Available in larger groups of up to six acrobats!

    Ahoy Sailor

    Land Ahoy!
    Our intrepid seamen are perfect for any event with a nautical theme.
    No crows nest? No problem, as our astounding sailors simply balance on top of each other in a human tower.
    Walk the plank? Not likely as our guys will tumble and somersault on it.
    Blistering Barnacles, these guys are good, salty fun!
    Shiver me timbers, but we could even offer a pirate or two to spice things up with a bit of “yo-ho-ho!”

    Edwardian Bathers

    Oooooh I say… Splish Splash!
    These talented chaps are perfect for making a splash at any event,
    with their quirky blend of cheeky humour and amazing acrobatics.
    With twirly moustaches and lots of banter, the bathers simply
    ooze with both charm and hair gel.
    The bathers also have a couple of female bathing companions
    who can join them at events if required.

    Super Mario Brothers

    Spring into action with Mario, Luigi and the villainous Wario. The crafty Wario can often be seen picking up a damsel from the audience with an amazing lift, while the cheeky Mario and Luigi are more likely to steal a quick kiss on the cheek!
    For larger events we can also supply other Nintendo Characters from a fire breathing Bowser to an acrobatic mushroom!

  • “Very impressed, they’re nice guys and they worked the room very well. The guests were all talking about it this morning too.”

    – Jamie, H2O Publishing, Warwick

    “Just wanted to say thank you for Friday – you were both great I especially like the strong men, swinging trapeze element.”

    – Zoe Ryan (Zoe Ryan Artists)

    “On behalf of all those who attended our Reunion Dinner on the 18 September 2010 in this 150th anniversary of the Army Physical Training Corps I am writing to express our appreciation for your contribution which ensured it was a memorable occasion to celebrate this milestone in our history. I have received numerous complimentary letters commenting on your performance which was integral in making the evening a great success. Your show was breath taking and as the majority of the audience have a gymnastic background the gasps of admiration from the very knowledgeable audience is indeed a compliment of the highest order. Thanks again for your contribution and making the evening very special”

    – Lieutenant Colonel (MAA) G B Jones – Army School of Physical Training

    “A MASSIVE thank you to The Strongmen for last night. You did a fantastic job! Loving those moustaches boys!”

    – Alex Hogg (Big Hand People)

    “They make the daring young man of yesteryear look like a quivering coward”

    – The Daily Star

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    • Just a quick one to say how amazing everything went at our function thanks to Big Foot Events! From the very beginning they were extremely helpful and made sure everything was looked after without giving me too much hassle either! The Photo Booth, Candy Floss Cart and Popcorn Cart were all fantastic and a great hit with all of our family and friends and the staff running them were absolutely amazing! They were all set up and ready to go well before the event started and made sure they were always helpful! So a massive thank you to you all!

      Megan Chungh – Park Hotel, Newcastle
    • I just wanted to say a big thank you for being a part of our snapdragon festival this year. Once again Rex was a massive hit and the children and adults loved him. The two members of staff that came to the event were very professional and catered to any requests we had.

      Amy Casey – Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council
    • We absolutely love having Noughty 90’s here, such lovely people and amazing sets! They had everyone up and dancing on the dance floor.

      George – Golden Sands Holiday Park
    • It was absolutely incredible, I cannot thank you guys enough for how amazing it all was. The Ranger and Rex were outstanding, every single guest loved them to pieces and we certainly had the wow factor for our wedding. Just the idea of having a dinosaur is one thing, but the way Rex, Trixxie and the Ranger worked tirelessly to entertain the entire wedding party just added to the overall effect. We've had non-stop comments from those who attended saying it was pure magic, videos of the experience have gone viral and we even had guests from the hotel desperate to catch a glimpse of Rex. I cannot overstate how incredible you all have been, from the day a weirdo messaged Lauren asking for a dinosaur at their wedding, to speaking with Jade to coordinate everything and then finally meeting Rex and the Ranger on the big day. Everything worked out a million times better than I ever thought possible, and my dad was very pleased to see Rex was appropriately dressed with his bow tie. Amazing, amazing, amazing, thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts.

      Mr & Mrs Pravitt – Private Wedding, Stoke On Trent
    • Both acts went down a storm at the weekend. Really pleased with everything! Madonna did all the hits and even included some iconic costume changes! She had the audience up Voguing at the front! ABBA Fever had the crowd on their feet from the start and would be a worthy headliner in the future.

      Andrew Edmeads – Frimley Lodge, Surrey
    • The evening on Saturday was wonderful, Planet Abba we're superb and also so welcoming to the audience. As you know this is the 3rd year in a row I have used your agency and as always you have given me a wonderful evening, thank you.

      Barry Herridge – Ely Beet Sports & Social Club


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