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Superhero Themed Event

With backdrops such as Gotham City and New York Skyline, Superman's iconic Phone Booth the famous Batman signal, Comic Book signage and of course the Batmobile, we can transform any venue into your greatest fictional fantasy! And don't forget you can book the Superheroes themselves!


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    Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s our Superhero themed party event packages.

    Whether you’re Marvel obsessed, a DC fanatic, or a Comic Book nerd, everyone has an alter-ego waiting to burst out and save the day! Whether you want to use your superpowers to fight bad guys, conquer the greater good, or be the ultimate super-villain, with Big Foot Events’ themed props, décor, and live entertainment, you can live out all your greatest fictional fantasies at your very own Superhero Themed Event!

    For Private Functions, Award Shows, Venue Theme Nights, Corporate Events, and any other type of celebration where guests love to dress up, our Superhero themed event packages provide a unique and fun way to party, socialise, and connect with people whilst making you stand out from any other type of event.

    From the moment guests arrive, they could be transported into smoked filled Gotham City where Batman himself is waiting for backup against the notorious Joker. How about being taken to the top of Stark Tower as Iron Man invites you along to help the Avengers retrieve the Infinity Stones and battle against the world destroyer himself – Thanos. Be the ultimate Super-villain and create your own dark and dangerous lair to capture all the best-loved Superheroes once and for all – the list of possibilities is endless. Our Superhero Stunt Shows are a sight to behold!

    With Big Foot Events fantastic range of themed props and décor including various backdrops such as Gotham City and New York Skyline, Superman’s iconic Phonebooth, the famous Batman signal, Comic Book signage, and of course the Batmobile, you can transform any venue into a scene from any Marvel and DC movie or Comic Book. We also have fantastic mood lighting and a powerful PA system to really set the scene and bring the party concept to life.

    It wouldn’t be a Superhero event without … Superheroes!
    Have Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor himself to meet and greet guests and guide them to the bar where our talented Flair Bartenders serve up signature cocktails whilst captivating guests with their sensational performance skills. Watch out for Batman, Hellboy, and Wolverine who are battling it out on the LED Dancefloor to determine who’s the ultimate anti-establishment Superhero. Hire one – or more – of our incredible party bands who will get everyone’s powers flowing with their mind-blowing musicianship and incredible energy. Capture the moment of being surrounded by the most famous Superheroes – and Supervillains in one of our Photobooths, which can be made to fit in with the themed décor. Watch out for Dr Banner guarding the Chocolate Fountain for Dr Strange who loves his sweets, as you wouldn’t want ‘the big guy’ to turn green.

    Add a little ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ flavour to your event with weird but wonderful interactive meet and greet and walkabout acts including; Living tables – which is one of our talented actors or actresses as an actual table dressed according to the theme and serving guests drinks and canapes. Ro-Bot – a giant interactive LED talking robot that displays personalised videos and images, and for that extra WOW factor can use his CO2 cannons to blast dry ice over guests – it doesn’t get more Sci fi than that! Stilt Walking Treants Trees and hilarious Human Hedges will bring that humour and joy of the beloved ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ film franchise and delight guests as they reminisce on the beloved Groot. And not forgetting our incredibly realistic Marvel and comic Superhero characters that will entertain guests throughout the night.

    Big Foot Events will work a S.H.E.I.L.D operation to help you create the ultimate Superhero event. It’s time for the Avengers to unite and create a unique party experience so amazing that it would turn Lady Deathstrike to the good side.

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