Hire a Sea Shanty Band and Crew of Old Time Sailors!

Sea Shanty band

Captivating hearts in every port, Sea Shanty band's flash mob musical show with 17 Brave Sailors is designed to take the audience back in time through an unforgettable trip onboard a 19th century Ship! Sing-along to over 30 songs in one epic ocean-themed night with our crew! There is nothing like the Sea Shanty Band and Old Time Sailors!



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    Ahoy There Me Hearties!

    Don’t want your event to sink? Then hire Sea Shanty Band and the Old Time Sailor Crew so you can become a Sailor for one epic night!

    Captivating hearts in every port, Sea Shanty band’s flash mob musical show is designed to take the audience back in time through an unforgettable trip onboard a 19th century Ship!

    The crew is composed of 17 musicians playing fully unplugged to ensure the most authentic experience. The band offer a 3 hour show including intermissions to relax and have dinner with friends and family. It’s a full production Ocean experience that is perfect for Sea Themed Events!

    Over 30 songs and tunes that the audience is guaranteed to sing and dance along to, surrounded by drunken Sailors! Witness an astounding show unmatched in this music genre.

    Everything will take place within a magnificent stage set of whiskey barrels, beer barrels, fishing nets and wooden trunks – all designed to give the audience the sensation of being inside an actual 19th century vessel.

    The audience is invited to receive a copy of the Sunday Sailor (in exchange for coin!), which includes lyrics to all of Sea Shanty band’s songs! So, you can sing along and become a Sailor for one epic night!

    These Sailors have travelled the Seven Seas and experienced all kinds of adventures and scenarios, performing unplugged, all over the world; their show is therefore very flexible and can adapt to any circumstance and space.

    The Crew is fairly large, with 17 brave Sailors, with a no-man-left-behind policy.

    Merchandise will be available on the night, including antique playing cards, sailors hats, tattoos, stickers, T Shorts and custom-made USB album (shaped like an anchor!).

    Please bear in mind that booking just one show means you will have 17 brave sailors at the event during 3 to 4 hours awaiting orders on where and how you wish them to perform. This can be:

    Traditional Stage Performance
    Cabaret Performance
    Pop-Up Flashmob Performance
    Street Performance

    The entire show is composed of 3 sets, each one lasting on average 1 hour, and they usually need to rest during 15 min between each set (it’s a high energy show!).

    The Sea Shanty Band is partially self-contained, meaning they do bring some PA with them, mainly for lead voices and strings, and in general their “unplugged” volume is loud enough for between 250-300 people. For larger ships (and audiences!) they will require additional PA. They do not bring lights as their show is not reliant upon lights, other than warm, ambient lighting in the room if it’s an indoors show.

    There’s nothing like the Sea Shanty Band in the entire world! You will never be disappointed by this extraordinary crew. These sailors are of a rare kind, with a uniqueness that allows them to turn any setting into an unforgettable party inside a ship.

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