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Bollywood & Indian Themed Event

Create a Bollywood & Indian Themed Party or Event with fabulous venue decor including colourful fabrics and drapes, low-level seating, aroma of incense, Indian Music, Bhangra Dancers and Bollywood props for a sensational evening!


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    Create a Bollywood & Indian Themed Event or party with fabulous venue decor! From colourful fabrics and drapes and low-level seating to music, Bhangra Dancers and Bollywood props!

    Host the ultimate Bollywood & Indian Themed Event! Bring the vibrancy and energy of Bollywood cinema to life! Represent the colours, sounds, and traditions of Indian culture and Bollywood films.

    Include performances of traditional Indian music and dancers trained in Bhangra and Kathak dance. Add themed venue décor and themed entertainment, your venue will have the ultimate Bollywood feel.

    Our professional, authentic Bollywood dancers provide exciting, energetic, and colourful performances with Dhol Drum accompaniment. From solo performers to large groups, these dancers have a variety of traditional outfits and multiple props. Your guests will watch in amazement as they perform choreographed classical, Bhangra, and Kathak dances. Alternatively, you can host dance workshops for your guests to participate in and learn eye-catching Bhangra routines from our experienced dancers! Additionally, our traditionally costumed hosts and hostesses can interact with your guests as well as excite crowds with a snake charmer!

    Venue Decor
    Bollywood films are full of colour and dramatic statements, so echo this at your event with lavish venue dressing and décor! Dress your venue with glamour and sophistication and have a Red-Carpet walkway. Incorporate a dramatic lighting design with Silk Flame Lights, Lanterns, and Uplighting. Amplify the theme with colours of gold and purple, or pink and orange. Then add a luxurious atmosphere to your event with ornate table dressing using colourful chair covers and centrepieces. Create a uniquely cinematic experience with props such as a Giant decorative Cobra, Elephant, and Bengal Tiger.

    Live Music
    Music is a fundamental component of this theme, and a fundamental component of your event! Traditional Indian musical artistes can perform musical numbers from the films and traditional songs Ronak Mela Baja are a brass drum band and one of the UK’s top desi Bollywood and Bhangra bands: specialising in classic Bollywood and Bhangra themes, Ronak Mela Baja create a distinctive brass sound. Additionallly, Sitar and Tabla Players create a relaxing, ambient atmosphere with beautiful harmonies fusing Bollywood, folk, and classical Indian music styles. Complete your perfect Bollywood themed evening with a Bollywood disco provided by a professional Bollywood DJ.


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