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Murder Mystery Virtual & Real World Events

Murder Mystery Virtual Events and 'Real World' Events are above all fun! An opportunity to play the detective whilst immersing yourself in a fascinating plot! With engaging and bespoke themes, and professional actors, you and your team can cross-examine the characters and become a super-sleuth!


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    If you are looking for an entertaining Murder Mystery event for a corporate or private occasion, then Big Foot Events can help! All Murder Mystery plots are fun yet sophisticated and delivered by professional actors throughout the UK.

    Murder Mysteries are very flexible. They typically last for two to three hours and can be over lunch or dinner. There is also a half day outdoor format which does not require a meal at all, called ‘Out and About’ which takes place around a city or rural location and is ideal for a social or team building event.

    A typical format involves five actors and although this can be extended to accommodate large groups of several hundred with a larger cast and sound production. We have arranged some incredible Murder Mystery Events involving a cast of 14 people and ran over a full weekend!

    There are engaging party themes for every event, including Halloween and Christmas scripts. Bespoke scripts can also be written and tailored for Company Events, Themed Hotel Breaks and any genre. Parts can be written for your guests based on their interests which adds even more fun to your Murder Mystery experience!

    Murder Mystery events are above all fun – an opportunity to play the detective while immersing yourself in a fascinating plot.

    They also provide the ideal scenario for corporate entertainment and team-building, and appeal to a wider range of people than almost any other activity that can be chosen for the company get together!

    Those of a less active disposition will not find solving a murder mystery too strenuous physically, a gentle Agatha Christie type mystery can be conducted in a very elegant venue between the courses of an excellent dinner.

    A group looking for a much more active murder mystery event might prefer the challenge of finding the clues on a Treasure Hunt adventure, enjoying the fun of running around the murder scene!

    A themed event is always a popular choice; who wouldn’t enjoy meeting James Bond at dinner – or dressing up for a 60’s night with a murderous twist?

    Plot Lines
    Plots are as varied as the surroundings in which they are played out, and there are a wide range written to appeal to different audiences; some are more raucous and fun, while others are more sophisticated, so you can match the right plot to the audience!

    Why not arrange for a bespoke murder mystery plot written specifically for your company or event by our specialist team of crime scriptwriters? Imagine a team building event with a script written around your own industry and competitors!

    The Cast
    Professional actors play the parts in the plot and, depending on the theme and plot chosen, costumes can be very extravagant and really add to the atmosphere of the occasion.
    Alternatively, for a very different experience, members of your group can choose to play the parts themselves! They will be given a few hours training beforehand so things go with a swing!


    Virtual Murder Mystery Events Online

    Virtual Murder Mystery Events are suitable for small groups of family and friends, or small parties, or larger groups, for example corporate events, clubs etc.

    Using Zoom technology, guests will have the opportunity to interact with and question real actors who run the event, ensuring you have great fun! This is a much more engaging experience than simple ‘paper-based’ murder mysteries, because the actor is present and will host the one hour experience!

    Available with one professional actor, or up to 5 live actors, depending on your requirements, and to ensure that each event is unique, you will have the chance to question and cross-examine, just as you would at a live event! You can also hear other the players, and watch their reactions on screen!

    This Virtual Event is comfortable for up to 20 people on the screen. If your group is larger then we recommend that you nominate representatives to act as investigators. Others can watch the mystery unfold and work on the clues.

    Suitable Attire for an Online Murder Mystery Event
    If you fancy dressing up to the era of the Mystery, this online virtual adventure will be set in the 1920’s, so you can dig out an old flapper dress and perhaps a trilby hat! Of course if you’re more comfortable in your own clothes, that is fine too! You could re-adjust your Zoom background to an Art Deco Twenties feel!

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