The Swing Commanders - If it swings, they can, and will play it!

The Swing Commanders

The Swing Commanders is a vibrant group that perform an exciting mix of 1940s Classics, Boogie-Woogie, Western Swing, 50’s Jump & Jive and more!



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    The Swing Commanders take well crafted songs from the thirties to the fifties, from American Songbook Classics to Western Swing and Novelty songs, and overlay them with lush vocal harmonies and hot solos. The rhythms, varying from Ballads to Jive to Quicksteps, are great for dances, theatre shows and parties.

    The Swing Commanders have appeared, often headlining, at most of the UK’s top Vintage and Country Music Festivals. They play all over the UK, regularly tour Europe and when they can, cross the pond to visit the US.

    The band members have a wealth of musical experience, from bar rooms to classic concert halls. As well as an understanding of dance and theatre. This results in a stage show that is technically precise and wildly entertaining. Everyone involved loves performing the music and this shines through their performance.

    People who experience the band for the first time are amazed at the energetic showmanship, the instrument swapping, the intricate arrangements and the sophisticated vocal blend. This isn’t a nostalgia trip or Rat Pack karaoke. It is fine songs played joyfully and brilliantly.


    Peter Riley
    Peter’s knowledge of Music Hall and Bing Crosby songs was formed on his Grandmother’s knee. In the late 80’s he appeared at the first Burnley Blues Festival, and in the pubs of Oldham and Manchester, where he began to learn stagecraft.
    As front-man and main songwriter with The Winchesters, Peter showed up at lots of festivals and on Primetime TV. Forming The Swing Commanders, he wanted a musically versatile, visual and energetic band. His dream came true!

    Daisy Thurkettle
    Daisy is a classically trained violinist from a family of Folk musicians! For the last decade Daisy has been playing Western Swing, Country and early Jazz from cult fashion stores in New York to sultry cabaret events throughout the UK.
    If she’s not playing music, you’ll find Daisy diving for treasure on shipwrecks or baking mighty fine treats……..

    Dan Smith
    Dan studied popular music and recording at Salford University and spent time after graduating playing in pit Orchestras for theatre productions as a session guitarist. Shows including Billy Elliot, Hairspray, The Wiz, West Side Story and most recently a production of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’.
    Dan has travelled the world for some years working as a show band guitarist on cruise ships for Carnival, Princess and Celebrity Cruises. Whilst on board he spent every day playing with and learning from some of the best musicians in the world as well as backing high profile acts from the West End, Broadway and other areas of the entertainment industry.
    Dan’s wide knowledge of different musical styles makes him an accomplished and versatile musician which comes in handy with The Swing Commanders where he juggles Swing, Western Swing, Jazz and Country effortlessly! Look out also for his handkerchief tricks…..!

    Siena Lloyd
    Before joining The Swing Commanders, Siena, a professional actress, could be found on our screens, appearing in Channel 4’s, Hollyoaks among other things, or touring UK Theatres in productions such as The Blonde Bombshells of 1943, Oh! What A Lovely War and HEIDI – A Goats Tale, so it’s only natural that she would add a touch of ‘DRAMA’ to the band.
    As the Musical Director of The Swing Commanders, Siena is responsible for the band’s musical arrangements. She plays the saxophone, clarinet, piano, double base and the accordian in the band so Siena has her work cut out for her. However, she still finds time to do the styling and presentation.

    Stuart Smith
    Having spent most of his professional musical career on the UK Jazz circuit playing alongside some of the best performers of Jazz (John Hallam, Jamie Brownfield, Tom Kincaid, Amy Roberts, Jeff Barnhart, Spatz Langham, Matthias Seuffurt and Duke Heitger), Stuart Jazzies up The Swing Commanders with his special beats and pieces!
    Stuart has toured Europe countless times drumming all over Denmark, Holland and Germany. One of his highlights was performing at the legendary Dresden Dixieland Jazz Festival.
    Being a vintage car enthusiast Stuart also makes himself useful when it comes to the bands old van – usually pushing it!!

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