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  1. The Perfect Music Genre To Play At Your Wedding!

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    It’s your Wedding Day. It’s finally happening! You can hardly believe it, you’ve been thinking of this special day since you were 13, and it’s now finally time to bring out that Wedding wish-list you made when you were merely just a teen!

    You’ve planned every detail down to the silver and rose-gold cutlery and pastel pink flowers! However, you’re now realising that the playlist you made when you were 13 which consisted of all your favourite music from that decade, including Britney Spears and Busted, isn’t exactly going to create that magical, elegant and romantic atmosphere that you want for your Wedding Day – ultimate panic mode!

    Unforgettable moments start with an amazing soundtrack. That’s why it’s essential that you choose the perfect Wedding entertainment for your special day! Whether it’s live music, a DJ set, choir, orchestra or simply an elegantly sounding acoustic backing track, the key to any memorable Wedding is definitely the entertainment!

    A huge part of your wedding entertainment is the music, from walking down the aisle to a romantic string quartet or harpist, tucking in to a delicious wedding breakfast whilst soft jazz is echoing throughout the venue hall and dancing the night away at the evening reception alongside a fantastic, energetic party band – the options are limitless! This is YOUR special day, filled with all your closest friends, family and loved ones, so choosing the perfect music is key to everyone having a fantastic time!

    Follow our ‘120 Songs To Play At Your Wedding’ Playlist on Spotify here.

    There’s always a certain music style that fits your taste and the theme of your wedding. Each musical genre has its own unique vibe and every wedding band has their signature style, which means you can create a personalised soundtrack to go along with memories that will last a lifetime.

    Hire Strelitzia String Quartet

    Classical Music

    Before reading this, get rid of all of those misconceptions about classical music in your mind because classical music has been, and always will be, the go-to music genre for Wedding ceremonies! There’s nothing more romantic than being serenaded whilst walking down the aisle by a stunning String Quartet, Harpist, Orchestra or choir.


    Jazz Music

    With its mixture of styles, beats and melodies, Jazz is another popular music option for Weddings! From traditional, dixie and swinging Jazz bands with sensational vocalists to acoustic intimate performances with a Jazzy twist – most Jazz bands and performers mix fast, hard-swinging Jazz with soft ballads making it the perfect genre to give your Wedding guests a diverse musical treat!

    Book Boomin Band

    Pop Music

    If you want a feel-good, lively Wedding reception filled with dancing and a good old-fashioned sing along, a party band performing your favourite pop music is the perfect choice for you! A mix or mash-up of straight-off-the-radio tunes and all-time favourites will make your Wedding Reception go wild! Pop music appeals to a diverse crowd, so by choosing a live party band with your preferred pop music influence you can expect an entertaining after party filled with a lot laughs and dare we say – dad dancing!

    american four tops tribute band

    Soul & Motown

    If you’re looking for dance music with huge beats and catchy horn riffs then this genre is for you. The familiar backbeat of Stevie Wonder’s songs together with popular Jackson Five hits will fill your dance floor in a flash. Not to mention that this genre is widely appreciated by every age bracket, so you can expect a fun-filled party because nobody can resist Soul and Motown!

    Rock & Roll

    Don’t be thinking that rock music can’t be performed at formal events because it’s the one genre of music that gets people thinking they’re the next Elvis Presley! It’s one of the most diverse genres of music, mixing upbeat, feel good tracks with soul searching power ballads. With a wide variety of songs from the 50s up to the 90s, this rock & roll music genre could easily encourage a lively dance floor.

    Not much of a music fanatic? Does your music repertoire consist of cheesy 90s music or the occasional country hit? Need some inspiration of finding the perfect first dance song? We are here to help!

    With over 15 years’ experience planning outstanding events and world-class live Wedding entertainment, we are experts at seeking out the most romantic ceremony songs so get in touch today!

  2. How to throw office parties that employees and co-workers actually enjoy!

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    We all know that office and work-related parties can go one of two ways; they either consist of eager to please colleagues talking non-stop about work and boring fellow co-workers to death, or they can get a little wild and all the stresses of the job are released onto the dancefloor with that shy and timid employee unleashing her talent for robot dancing. We know which one we would prefer – wild all the way! It’s the only time that employees get to communicate socially outside of work, and you know what they say – a happy team is a productive team!

    If you’re now fearing that your office party is going to be a snooze fest, there’s no need to scrap those invitations and throw in the towel just yet as Big Foot Events have put together a list of tips on how to throw an office party that employees and co-workers will actually enjoy. The best part? All of our tips can already be found in the office and are designed to not break the bank!

    Before you start reading our tips and tricks on throwing a successful office party, take a look at our blog on unique, fun but above all affordable office party theme ideas here.

    Host the party during work hours

    The most important tip we can give you is to host your office party during office hours. If you think about it smartly then it actually makes sense. Here’s why; employees shouldn’t have to cancel their evening plans to attend a work function – better yet, they shouldn’t have to stress about finding a late-night babysitter in order to attend. Give employees an actual break from work by hosting the party during their normal work hours. This will not only create a buzz around the office, but it will ensure most employees are free to attend as they won’t have made other plans as they are normally at work during that time. You should also inform them that they won’t have to work late in order to make up lost time so that they can truly enjoy the party and not have to worry about making up the work.

    Incorporate games and entertainment

    Although it is a work-related party, it does not mean you can’t incorporate fun, engaging and a little competitive entertainment! Interactive games are a great way to break the ice and get people interacting with each other. What gets people talking to each other more than a little light-hearted competition? You should also include live entertainment for attendees to enjoy in order to not only keep them entertained throughout the evening, but to also make them desperate for an invite to the next kick-ass office party.

    Check out our blog on fun, interactive and unique dinner party entertainment ideas here.

    Make sure there is Party food

    We shouldn’t have to mention this, but we’ve heard horror stories amongst horror stories about there not being any party food at a party – can you believe it? Food is a staple at any party and it’s often the deciding factor on whether your party is a success or a fail. When choosing the catering for a party, it’s crucial to honour attendees’ dietary requirements. Ask people to RSVP with their dietary requirements or ask co-workers their preferred food options so that everyone feels included on the day of the event.

    Make sure all attendees have all the details

    Sounds simple but you would be surprised how many people often forget to mention to guests the most important information regarding the party. It’s important to let people know the basic party details in order for everyone to have a positive experience. Let people know when and where the party will be held – just because it’s a work-related party doesn’t mean you have to host it at the office. Let them know whether alcohol will be served so that they can sort a designated driver or leave their car at home and get a taxi or public transport. Let them know if they can bring a plus one – you don’t want that picky and annoying employee kicking up a fuss because they didn’t realise that they could bring their equally annoying other half. And finally, inform people of the theme and dress code. This is a MUST DO when inviting people to a themed event. You don’t want those office pictures ruined because someone came in a Hawaiian shirt when the dress code was black tie.

    We can 100% guarantee that if you follow these simply but effective tips on how to throw a stellar office party then it will be a huge success and will go down extremely well with employees and co-workers. Need help in planning your office party? Big Foot Events are here to help! We’ve got a dedicated team of event and party planners with over 15 years of experience in the events industry.

    Take a look at our Office Party in a Box Packages where you simply pick the theme and we take care of the rest!

  3. Unique Office Party Themes

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    If you haven’t read our blog on how to throw an office party that employees and co-workers will actually enjoy then we strongly suggest you do! Or if you have just come from that blog then it’s nice to meet you… again!

    In case you didn’t already know, Big Foot Events have spent the last 15 years helping people plan extraordinary corporate events. That’s right, we’ve seen, and helped create, a spectacular amount of weird, wacky, delightful and world-class party themes. With that in mind, we have put together a list of our favourite party themes that would give any typical office party an added oomph. The best part? Our party packages are designed to not break the bank!

    1920’s Great Gatsby Party Theme

    Invite your employees to step back in time to a 1920s event with a spectacular 20’s themed extravaganza! Whether it’s the glitz and glam of a Great Gatsby style party, or an atmospheric gangster filled Speakeasy, we’ve got an impressive array of iconic 20’s themed props, décor and live entertainment that is sure to turn any venue back in time to the glamorous 1920s.

    We’re talking flapper girls, the best of jazz music playing in the background, gangsters and molls, luxurious and glamorous table dressing and venue décor as well as a scandalous photographer capturing the evening! We will bring you a night so twenties, you’ll be expecting Al Capone to walk through the door at any minute.

    Check out our 1920’s event theme on our site here.

    Alice in Wonderland Theme

    Take a trip down the rabbit hole and bring to life a truly amazing Wonderland. With the Madhatter, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Playing Cards, Queen of Hearts and of course Alice herself, you will feel as though you have actually stepped into Alice’s Wonderland! With interactive meet and greet characters, themed props, décor and live entertainment including but not limited to; giant flowers, talking topiary trees, stilt-walking bushes and the classic Alice in Wonderland backdrop, we will provide everything you need to recreate Lewis Carroll’s famous book! You can expect a night of crazy fun where literally anything can happen!

    Check out our Alice in Wonderland event theme on our site here.

    Circus and Carnival Theme

    Roll up! Roll up! Get your tickets here for the greatest show on earth! Yes, you can relive all the fun and laughter of the circus with our fabulous Circus Themed Event. From clowns and fire eaters to jugglers, contortionists, and an authentic Big Top Tent, all the excitement and thrills of the Circus are waiting for you! Perfect for an office party, your employees and co-workers won’t miss a trick at this Circus extravaganza!

    Check out our Circus and Carnival theme on our site here.

    Viva Las Vegas Theme

    Enjoy the bright lights of Las Vegas with our fabulous Las Vegas Theme Party Package! From gorgeous Giant Martini Glass Hostess and Stunning Feathered Showgirls to classic Casino Tables and elaborate stage-based shows. We can create a completely personalised night to suit you and your guests, making your Vegas themed night one to remember! Let’s not forget, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas – until the next day when you’re the talk of the office!

    Check out our Las Vegas event theme on our site here.

    Winter Wonderland and Narnia Theme

    You don’t need a wardrobe for this Narnia themed event – we’ll bring one! Our creative team can transform any venue into a realistic, breath-taking, unique Winter Wonderland! Featuring ice sculptures, ice King and Queen characters, ice fairies, stilt walking trees, uncanny Narnia meet and greet characters, stilt walking fire breathers and much more! You also don’t have to wait until Christmas to make a Winter Wonderland themed event. With our impressive giant snow globes, snow machines and snow related acts and live entertainment, we can make it snow any time of the year!

    Check out our Winter Wonderland and Narnia event theme on our site here.

    The above suggestions are just a few out of a spectacular list of party theme ideas. We have an array of incredible party packages that you can choose from. Give your employees a true thank you for all of their hard work with an out of this world party experience.

    Check out our Office Party in a Box Packages on our website for more information or give one of our specialist party planners a call. It’s simple, choose your theme and we will take care of the rest! We will arrive before the party and set up your theme as well as coordinate the entertainment – not forgetting returning at the end of the evening to clear up.

  4. Beautiful Night Themed Event – Grosvenor London

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    The Brief

    Big Foot Events were honoured to create “A Beautiful Night” Themed Event at the JW Marriott Grosvenor House Hotel in London for Joymain Global Health & Beauty. Our client wanted to create a unique and memorable experience for their guests, as well as increase their brand awareness and showcase their strong company values. The event theme concept started with two theme ideas, Alice in Wonderland and Prince and Princesses, since we were catering for an international audience, the end result ended up being an amalgamation of the two, but also incorporating a variety of Fairytale characters and Royal Lookalikes!

    The Challenges

    For this conference event and Gala dinner to run smoothly and be successful, we had to make sure that we provided entertainment that everyone could relate to and engage with. The theming and props had to work within the hotel’s restrictions as well as provide guests with an extravagant and never-seen-before experience.

    Since the conference would include two full live production shows, it was important that all lighting and sound systems were timed exactly to create the desired effects on the day of the event. Despite these challenges, we knew that with our 15 years’ experience in event planning and providing live entertainment to the events industry, we would be able to create an amazing event that would exceed all our client’s expectations.

    The Solutions

    In order to overcome any issues on the day of the event, and to make sure we brought our clients vision to life, we arranged several site visits and meetings with both the venue and our client, which resulted in creating mood boards with clear pictures of theme décor, entertainment options, story-boards and site layouts, so that we maintained consistency throughout the event planning process.

    We provided a variety of exciting meet & greet characters including The Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland, Stilt Walking Trees and fairies, as well as Royal Footmen, British Soldiers and Queen Elizabeth Lookalike. Not to mention Beauty and the Beast performers, Ballroom dancers and eleven Trumpeters. This array of entertainment was to incorporate all of the different event themes mentioned above, as well as create a cohesive party atmosphere.

    The Results

    A complete venue transformation was necessary in order to transform a five-star function room into something quite extraordinary. With beautifully placed blue, white and silver drapes and refined table dressing and chair covers situated in the centre of the room, alongside an impressive stage and dancefloor area, the venue oozed elegance and sophistication.

    Incorporated into the venue décor was a mixture of Alice in Wonderland and Beauty and the Beast themed props including meet and greet characters from the iconic films, an incredible flower display, wisteria walkway and even a sparkling white carriage for photo opportunities.

    Before the evening entertainment and Gala Dinner, guests were shown to their seats by friendly hostesses and enjoyed a welcome ceremony featuring incredible live speakers, a spectacular dance troupe and a breath-taking String Quartet. To make it a Royal affair, our uncanny lookalikes consisted of British guards, Footmen and even the Queen!

    Adding a WOW factor to the evening, and serving as incredible mid-dinner entertainment, were World Class Ballroom Dancers, Fanfare Trumpeters and the Rockabellas, a fabulous and incredibly British Vocal Harmony Group. After a delicious three course meal, guests had the pleasure of watching two sensational live production shows.

    The first was a beautiful and captivating rendition of the classic film Beauty and the Beast featuring Mrs Potts, Lumiere, Chip, the Beast and of course Belle! The second was a lively, energetic, weirdly wonderful Alice in Wonderland live production show! Featuring iconic characters from the film including The Mad Hatter, White Rabbit and Alice Herself. Both live shows included a full lighting and sound display with lasers, LED lights and special effects.

    We loved creating this unique, outside the box event for our client and we are glad we managed to exceed all of our client’s expectations and give their guests a memorable experience.

  5. Weir Minerals Europe’s Family Fun Day Out

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    The Brief

    After creating a unique, memorable and successful event for their 125th Anniversary in January 2019, Weir Minerals Europe, an innovative engineering consultant for the minerals, oil, gas, power, and industrial markets, wanted us to create a family fun day out for their employees, business associates and their families, in order to say thank you for all the hard work and dedication whilst working for the company.

    The Challenges

    As you may know, here at Big Foot Events we love new challenges, and creating a fun, family friendly day out that our client’s employees and their families will not only enjoy, but that will also draw attention away from a Party-in-the Park event taking place adjacent to the chosen venue on the same day, is certainly just that – a challenge! However, with over 15 years’ experience in providing entertainment, activities and personalised fun-day packages to outdoor events, we knew that we could win!

    In order for this family fun day to run smoothly, be successful and provide our client’s staff with a great time, we had to make sure that each employee of Weir Mineral Europe felt included and would want to join in on the fun. That meant incorporating a variety of enjoyable, outside-the-box entertainment and activities suited to all ages. It was also integral that our client’s branding was visible throughout the site.

    The Solutions

    In order to overcome any issues on the day of the event, and to make sure we brought our clients vision to life, we arranged several site visits and meetings with both the venue and our client, which resulted in creating mood boards with clear pictures of activities options, theme décor and site layouts, so that we maintained consistency throughout the event planning process.

    A family festival with explicit branding throughout was arranged, and in order to distract guests from the Party in the Park event next door and to ensure we had the element of surprise we had a Jurassic revelation up our sleeve….

    The Results

    As well as glorious sunshine on the day of the event, guests were greeted by a realistic, life-size Raptor and T Rex Dinosaurs, who interacted with children and parents on arrival to squeals of excitement and utter delight! Face painters provided glitter tattoos, glitter eye shadow and face paints to those wanting to experience the true festival vibe. Keeping with the summer fair/festival theme and bringing a little competitive fun to the day, giant inflatable assault courses and other sports games were available for guests to compete with one another and take part in some fun team building. For the children and young adults, they had the option to learn some incredible Circus skills in an interactive, fun, and energetic Circus workshop. Our personality hosts and games organisers ensured the fun was continuous throughout the afternoon with Sports races and It’s A Knockout style entertainment! Along with meeting our remarkably realistic, giant and baby Dinosaurs, children were able to play hide and seek in giant Dinosaur Eggs – which made for incredible photo opportunities. For the more adventurous individual, a giant inflatable Rodeo Bull was on full display for all to take on!

    An impressive picnic style seating area with bright tablecloths & chair covers was accompanied by branded bunting, pop up flags and streamers inside an impressive 24 metre by 9 metre marquee. A great Summer family fun day out is not complete without an authentic British Barbeque. And making sure we catered for all dietary requirements, we offered Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free Food options as well. Not forgetting sweet lovers, as dessert carts made their way around the marque with Candy Floss, Ice Cream, Popcorn and Sweets. In order to add a true party atmosphere, an impressive PA system was installed inside the Marquee to play all the summer classic hits whilst LED Disco Lights lit up the venue and bubbles floated continuously for children (and dinosaurs) to chase and pop! And finally, as with any outdoor event, certain facilities need to be present and easily accessible, including portable toilets with disabled and baby-changing access. Clear signage was present throughout the site and around the marque to direct people to those facilities, as well as to first aid responders as a precautionary measure.

    Client Testimonial

    “We just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for the excellent organisation of our event on Saturday. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with the circus skills, rodeo bull and, of course, the dinosaurs being the highlights. Your team were a delight.

    Thanks, once again, for arranging a great event and fantastic day out!”

    Weir Minerals Europe

  6. Weir Minerals Europe’s 125th anniversary

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    The Brief

    To mark its 125th anniversary our client, an innovative engineering consultant for the minerals, oil, gas, power, and industrial markets, wanted to celebrate in pure luxury. With strong company values and a positive work environment led by a dedicated and passionate team, a sophisticated, extravagant and decadent party for 350 staff members was an absolute must.

    The Challenges

    Here at Big Foot Events, we love a new challenge, and turning our client’s chosen party venue, a Football Club, into something truly amazing was indeed just that. The function room was the length of the football pitch, so we needed to use our experience, imagination and expertise to create something uniquely spectacular. With over 15 years’ experience in providing live entertainment and personalised corporate event packages, we knew we could deliver an incredible, bespoke event.

    For this event to run smoothly, be successful and give our clients a memorable experience, we had to make sure each employee of Weir Mineral Europe’s felt included and thoroughly enjoyed their evening. Catering for all age groups and their specific interests was incredibly important, and as the event would include photography and videography, it was also essential that our client’s branding was highly visible.

    The Solutions

    In order to overcome any technical or production issues on the evening of the event, and to make sure we brought our clients vision to life, we arranged several site visits and meetings with both the venue and our client, which resulted in creating mood boards with clear pictures of colour schemes, décor and venue layouts, so that we maintained consistency throughout the event planning process.

    The Results

    On the evening of the anniversary, guests were greeted with a spectacular red-carpet entrance before stepping into a reception area for pre-dinner drinks, following which event hosts directed them to their seats for the evening. Black and silver table décor, twinkling pillars, beautifully placed ceiling drapes throughout and atmospheric lighting turned this ordinary Football Club into an elegant and sophisticated affair, with sectioned off areas with poseur tables to create a warm and stylish corporate suite.

    A fantastic display area of historic company photos was highlighted to emphasis the reason for the event and became a real talking point with employees. Making sure everyone was able to see the live entertainment taking place throughout the evening was incredibly important, which is why black fairy lights surrounded miniature screens that synched throughout the length of the room in order to project what was happening on the stage.

    To capture amazing moments that guests could take with them, a company branded photo booth with branded photo prints was available for everyone to use throughout the evening. As part of the live entertainment, an incredible function band performed live music from every genre and decade, a personality host assisted with the Awards, plus there was a disco to finish off the evening.

    Client Testimonial

    “We wanted to say thank you for a wonderful event, we have had nothing but positive feedback from everybody! We will catch up with you all soon. Thanks again and best wishes.”

    Weir Minerals Europe