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Peter Gill as Jerry Lee Lewis

This exhilarating Jerry Lee Lewis Tribute features Peter Gill and tells the story of the first wild man of rock! Featuring more than 20 of 'The Killer’s' greatest hits, performed with an energy that Jerry himself would have been proud of.



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    Starring the sensational Peter Gill, this exhilarating Jerry Lee Lewis Tribute tells the story of the first wild man of rock and without doubt rock ‘n’ roll’s most exciting performer. From his meteoric rise to fame through hits such as ‘Great Balls of Fire’ and ‘Whole Lotta Shakin’ to his equally as fast fall from grace when he married his 13 year old cousin, back to his reinstatement as one of music’s biggest names with his triumphal return to the top in the mid 1960s when he performed at The Star Club in Hamburg.

    Featuring more than 20 of ‘The Killer’s’ greatest hits, performed with an energy that Jerry himself would have been proud of.

    This new tribute features the inimitable Peter Gill as Jerry Lee Lewis and has been described as ‘SIMPLY PHENOMENAL’! The show has even been endorsed by Jerry Lee Lewis’ own son.

    Alison Kennedy from Gloucestershire said. “When he jumped off the piano I was sure I was going to faint! All around me people were becoming excited. It was a pure adrenalin rush from beginning to end!”

    When asked whether he should tame down his performance, Peter answered, “Jerry Lee Lewis in his heyday, was the most exciting performer of all time. What I do is the best that I am able to recreate his dynamism. If people get overcome by me standing on my stool to play the piano, jumping around a bit and leaping off the piano then I can’t help it. It just proves that there is not enough excitement in today’s music world!”

    It was over 40 years ago that Jerry Lee first made headlines with hits such as ‘Great Balls of Fire’, ‘Breathless’, ‘High School Confidential’, ‘Wild One’ and ‘Whole Lotta Shakin’ – at the time it was called ‘The Devil’s Music’ and people were warned that by listening to him their souls would go to hell. Today, The Jerry Lee Lewis Story holds no such warning for your afterlife …. Just a guarantee that the performance by Peter Gill will leave you amazed, astounded and…. Breathless!

    This stunning Jerry Lee Lewis Tribute is available to hire or book as a solo Jerry Lee Lewis Tribute Act (including mini grand electronic piano) or with a full live band, the Rock N Roll All Stars.

    Also available as Rockney, performing the songs of Chas and Dave…

    Rockney brings the best loved songs of the legendary Chas and Dave! Rockney remind us of their extraordinary ability to get any party started with their seamless medleys of songs from the decades. Singalong and let your hair down as Luke Dodd, Peter Gill, and Jimmy Lee play hits such as ‘Rabbit’, ‘Margate’, ‘The Sideboard Song’, ‘London Girls’, ‘Snooker Loopy’, ‘Gertcha’, ‘One Find N Anuvver’, ‘Poor Mr Woogie’, ‘That’s What I Like’, and ‘Ain’t No Pleasing You’!


    Great Balls Of Fire
    Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On
    High School Confidential
    Lovin’ Up A Storm
    What’d I Say
    Sweet Little Sixteen
    Good Golly Miss Molly
    Chantilly Lace


    “Sinah Warren asked me to pass on their thanks to Peter Gill for being an absolute star on Friday! Sinah Warren’s sound system went down and he leapt on to the piano in the bar and played, whilst they fixed it. A true professional, so easy to work with and felt like he was really one of the Team!
    If you could pass on ALL our thanks, please, that would be HUGELY appreciated!!”

    – Sue, Warner Hotels, Bourne Leisure

    “Great job Peter!”

    – Jerry Lee Lewis Jr

    “I’ve seen Jerry Lee live twice and I’ve been a fan all my adult life. I must tell you that I thought your interpretation was absolutely stunning. You are clearly a brilliant musician, and have got The Killer off to a tee! ”

    – Pat Moore, Fakenham Norfolk.

    “Just to say you were absolutely FANTASTIC at the Medina Theatre. Hope you appear over here again Peter. Thank you very much for a most enjoyable evening. ”

    – Ruby Adger, Isle of Wight

    “I went to Crosby Civic Hall and saw Peter Gill in The Jerry Lee Lewis Story. Having travelled up from Chesterfield I was hoping it would be a good show – it wasn’t – it was brilliant!”

    – Peter Sharp, Chesterfield

    “Great Show!”

    – The Maddermarket Theatre

    “The Rock ‘N Roll All-Stars were a fantastic live four piece, sporting a great Jerry Lee Lewis style piano player, made all the right moves and sounds. In short, a superior attraction”.

    – Mark Ritchie- UK Cabaret

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