Create a Spellbinding Spectacle with a Magic Themed Event

Add a sprinkle of magic into your events! Our mystical entertainment is ideal for Family Days, Magic Themed Events, or any event in need of some extra charm!

The School of Sorcery

The School of Sorcery is an unmissable addition to any Magic Themed Event. From immersive wizarding battles Family Shows to Sorcery Workshops! We guarantee The School of Sorcery will enchant little wizards and witches with spellbinding entertainment.

Your guests will embark on a magical experience with the extraordinary Master Skerrold, leader of a secret warlock society entrusted with safeguarding the human world. As the forces of dark magic conspire to overthrow the realm of light magic and seize control of magical kingdoms, Skerrold and his Apprentice must keep the human world safe. In a duel of light and dark magic, and with the active participation of your audience, Skerrold prevails over the dark forces. This Family Show promises an unforgettable experience, creating magical memories for your guests.

Wizarding Workshops

Our Sorcery Workshops are the ideal solution for bringing family fun to a Magic Themed Event! Guests can learn to make their own magic potions, create spells and enchantments using herbology, or make a bespoke wand, pouring into it all the magic they wish to use! These interactive workshops are led by Wizard and Witch Tutors who will harness the enchantment and delight your little sorcerer!

Magic Themed Event - Sorcery Workshops

Dreygo The Dragon

Prepare to be spellbound by our magical animatronic Dragon! Dreygo the Dragon brings larger-than-life, interactive walkabout entertainment that will enchant both children and adults alike. Accompanied by a Merlin-style Wizard, Dreygo captivates audiences with his awe-inspiring presence.

Magic Themed Event - Drego the Dragon and Baby Dragon

Your guests will watch in awe as Dreygo unfurls his incredible wings, exhaling wisps of smoke from his nostrils, playfully wagging his tongue, and roaring with delight for his adoring fans. But the magic doesn’t end there—Dreygo has a baby of his own! With all of the fierce features of Dreygo, alongside his own unique and distinctive attributes, this is one extremely enchanting Baby Dragon!

The Enchanted Globe

Create a realm of wonder with our Enchanted Roaming Globes at your Magic Themed Event. The Globes gracefully wandering around your event with mesmerising special effects designed to enchant your guests!

Magic Themed Event - Enchanted Globe

Among our globes is the Mystic Mirror Globe, a magical universe of spinning mirrors enclosed within a globe in which the wise Mystic resides. Lighting effects set the scene and dance off the mirrors; your guests can engage with the magic by pressing the button, starting the overhead mirror ball and mirrors to spin, catching the light, and beaming it into the audience. Combined with ethereal music, smoke effects, and a theatrical performance by the Mystic, this spellbinding act with captivate all those who witness its magic.

Additionally, our Enchanted Flower Globe provides a magical spectacle for spring and summer. Within a mobile microclimate, Floris the mystical flower nymph beckons guests into her magical world of butterflies, magic, and wonder. Giant posies bloom around her, flourishing in the heat.

Magical Walkabout Characters

Encounter magical walkabout characters, from wizards to fairies, towering trees to ogres! Among these fantastical beings, the Treants stand tall as tree-mendous Stilt Walking giants. This unique act never fails to create wonder and gasps of awe wherever they go!

Magic Themed Event - walkabout characters

The enchantment doesn’t end there. Guests can be sorted into their elements of air, earth, wind, or fire by the Enchanted Cauldron! With a touch of magic, guests present themselves to the Cauldron, who muses on their character and qualities before inviting them to place their hand in its smoke. The smoke transforms, revealing their spirit element through colour.  

With our lineup of magical attractions, your event is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Let us bring the magic to you!