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Circus Insane is adaptable for virtually any venue or event. From a stand alone freak show to a full theatrical bizarre circus show, featuring breath taking freak circus displays with the most insane acts performing jaw-dropping routines!!

Featuring the "Doc" Insane, Strange Kitten - the Burlesque Queen, The World's Worst Transvesite and Looby Lou!

New for 2017!!

Doc Insane puts a CHAINSAW into his own face whilst BLINDFOLDED!

It is a new approach to Circus theatre with a fusion of different genres to create the only, and very explosive Rock Metal Punk Circus performance guaranteed to entertain and amaze even the toughest audiences!

No illusions!

No fake blood!

Everything you see is very real!

Due to the nature of some of the acts being performed by Doc Insane, we advise that the show is unsuitable for children, and those with a weak disposition!!!

Fire Eating/Body Burning/Fire Blowing: Putting a lit brand down the front of his trousers. Ouch! (A show can be performed without the use of fire. Or with lots of fire!!!)
Straight Jacket Escape: An escape from an authentic asylum straight jacket
Human Dartboard: Darts thrown into his bare back, before turning around and having the darts thrown at him face on!
Razor Blade Regurgitation: The act of swallowing and regurgitating razor blades.
Glass A La Carte:  Chomping his way through a glass lightbulb!
Tongue Skewered: After piercing his tongue with a skewer he then adds to his lifto act with a tongue lift.
Chopping Board: Turned into a chopping board as a Melon is chopped into two with a sword into his bare chest.
Groin Smash: Eye watering act where a block of concrete is smashed over his crown jewels!
The Bed of Nails: Which includes being stood on by a member of the audience whilst sandwiched between two beds of nails. Also having two concrete slabs smashed with a sledge hammer as he lays on the bed of nails breathing fire. For comfort in this act he uses a machette for his pillow, an insane statement from an insane man!
Blockhead: The traditional sideshow act where by a nail is hammered through the face, and followed up by the more modern act of driving a power drill through the face.
Traps: Releasing Mouse traps on fingers and tongue. Also placing a hand into a bone breaking animal trap.
Knife Juggling: With audience participation, and a comic delivery.
Freeze Dried: Defying suffocation, He climbs inside a giant plastic bag before switching on a vacuum cleaner till all the air is sucked out, leaving him looking freeze dried!
Stapling paper to the Head: This is now performed with a heavy duty staple gun. Watch for trickles!
Lifto: Lifting heavy weights from the Nipples. Tongue. Eyes and a further surprise!
Ectomology: In a romantic setting, with audience participation and comic delivery he feasts on insects.
Angle Grinding: Strapping a metal plate over the groin he lights himself up in a shower of sparks from the angle grinder.
Walking On Broken Glass
Face in Broken Glass: This is a very rare act and Cabaret Insane is one of very few performers in the world to perform this amazing act. Glass is smashed live on stage, then he places his face into the bed of glass before allowing a member of the audience to come and stand on the back of his head!
Cabaret Insane has been performing in different shows for over 20 years. He is a fully paid member of equity and carries full public liability.
"The Most Extreme Circus...In the World! Banned from countless countries, TV shows & venues!" - LOADED Magazine

"A Certified loon!" - METAL HAMMER magazine

"Mental!"- Little Britain's David Walliam's

"Nutter!" - TV's Ant & Dec

"A performance that make Jackass look like a Punch & Judy puppet show!" - Rock festival Bloodstock

N.B. Please be aware that the following videos contain violent & graphic content.
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