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Chris Cross performs his unique, one-man speciality act worldwide for all sorts of people (both indoors & outdoors) in all sorts of places; from New York to New Zealand, London to Dubai, Bahrain to Paris & everywhere else in-between! He combines his quick witted comedy with impressive stunts that leave his audiences both in awe and in a state of laughter!
Chris is recognized  in the show business Industry as one of the TOP cabaret acts, one of the top street performers and one of the top close-up magicians currently working in the UK!

Nothing is old hat here – fresh, energetic & positively unique entertainment from a young man taking his craft to new heights; big spectacular customized stunts, upside down straight jacket escapes from cranes over rivers, tricks with his body that will make you freak & so on – he certainly goes to the next level for your entertainment!

Whether the show be Indoors or outdoors, a festival or a corporate performance, a family friendly or an adult-targeted show – Chris Cross is the man for your event. Don’t settle for less than the best – booked by corporate companies the world over, multiple celebrities & both british and international royalty upon specific request.

Chris is available to perform his trademark contortion/ escapology act anytime between 5 minutes – 1 hour depending on requirements. His 45 minute street show can be booked and also repeated throughout the day/ festival as wished. His walkabout close-up magic can be performed for 1-8 hours also as required. Chris can host/ compere all day at events too if needed – requirements can be met and shows/ stunts customized specifically to your requirements and requests… a popular choice for summer gigs, halloween shows & Xmas parties – no distance is too far for Chris!

Previous gigs include - Boy George's 50th birthday party, Mike Tyson's & Sugar Ray Leonard's Sportsman's Dinners, Backstage Magic for The Arctic Monkeys, Miles Kane & Example and many more!


"Chris Cross is a contortionist and escapologist - I seem to remember a few freaky tricks involving dislocated shoulders and a strait-jacket in there somewhere - but his real skill is in creating an atmosphere of complete lunacy which infects your mind and leaves you questioning whether then sane world really exists. To say he is a natural showman is a gross understatement - the 19 year old has already been a street performer for a decade and appeared on Britain's Got Talent, and can handle an audience like a piece of putty. His body bending stunts merely provide a vehicle for a comedy act that's as slick as it is screwball, delivered in an outrageous, Russell Brand-esque persona. An hour later his audience stumbled back upstairs from the cellar, some of them vowing never to speak of what had happened." 
- The Stage

“Thank-you very much for your entertainment. It was very, very good and a pleasure for me to have watched. I enjoyed your talent, thank you…''
 - The Prince of Bahrain

''Awwwwww Man – This guy freaked me out! One of the weirdest things I've seen in a long time! He's funny though and I thoroughly enjoyed his whole act whilst onstage with me at the Press Party for Hard Rock Calling 2011''
 - Alice Cooper, Rock Star

"If there was an award for 'Funniest Act Of The Weekend', it would have to go to comedian, contortionist and escapologist Chris Cross who could win awards for funniest act of ANY weekend. The multi-talented Geordie brought his act to the middle of a field, literally, on Saturday afternoon and after starting out performing to a handful, had pulled an audience of several hundred by the time he finished…  It's difficult to say whether he's primarily a contortionist who uses comedy or a comedian who uses dislocating his shoulders as an act. Cross has a natural, easy style (not to be mistaken for unrehearsed) and builds a rapport with an audience with the ease of someone whose been performing much longer than his age (21) would suggest. He has one liners and put downs a plenty and isn't afraid of challenging anyone within a 50 yard radius of his show - this is real street performing art at its best. He performs several contorting tricks that involve dislocating his shoulders and get increasingly stomach churning as the show progresses. Using your own arms as skipping ropes is both impressive and nauseating at the same time and he finishes with an escape from a straight-jacket just as the audience count down to one. Contortion and escapology might seem a bit like a Saturday evening end of pier show. Until you've seen how well Chris Cross does it, don't be fooled."
''Chris Cross has performed several times at Alnwick Castle and has always impressed our friends and family. He is very professional with a wonderful skill for entertaining his audience and his natural ability to keep people fascinated throughout his performance is quite unique''
- Her Grace, The Duchess of Northumberland
''HRH very much enjoyed your tricks during his recent visit to Northumberland!''
HRH The Prince Of Wales's Secretary 
 "You reee-aaaaranged MY mind!! I have to have you backstage entertaining us at EVERY gig we do!!!"
- Miles Kane, Mod Rocker

"The show kicked off with Chris Cross, ‘the Geordie magician’. Since he was the warm-up act I honestly expected the entertainment equivalent of a lukewarm macaroni cheese, but I was in for a pleasant surprise. He was quick-witted and 100% HILARIOUS. He mastered the blend of comedy, timing and, of course, magic, so much so that I spent half his show working on my six pack through laughter and the second half scratching my head thinking “how did he do that?!”
- Lucy Twist, 
Northumbria SU

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