Halloween Theme
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Create a spine tingling Halloween theme night with our frightening meet and greet acts, terrifying decor and freaky entertainment. Guaranteeing you and your guests have a spooktacular Halloween!

Meet & Greet

Do you dare to get up close and personal to our meet and freak acts?

Turn your event into a horrifying wonderland by inviting Murderous Clowns, Fire Eating Demons and Ghostly Ghouls! These Monstrous creatures guarantee to send shivers down even the bravest of spines.

Venue Decor

Transform your venue into a living nightmare with our haunting props and venue decor!

Dine alongside pumpkins and severed heads, get caught up in cobwebs and even wander through a foggy forbidden graveyard.

  • Black & Red Draping
  • Floor Standing Candelabras
  • Halloween Table Decor
  • Smoke Machines
  • Red Uplighting & Silk Flames
  • Dagger Ice Sculpture
  • Graveyard Props
  • Entrance Ways
  • Pumpkin Props


Bring your event to life with performances from our outstanding Rocky Horror and Meatloaf tributes or why nor throw demon dance with our incredible Monster Mash Show! We have everything you need to create the perfect Halloween.

  • Navi as Michael Jackson
  • The Mocky Horror Tribute Show
  • Timewarped
  • Deadringer for Meatloaf
  • Vicky Jackson as Lady Gaga
  • Lady Is Gaga 
  • Circus Insane
  • Incredible Blood Brothers
  • Ghostbusters Stage Show
  • Monster Mash Show


Halloween Theme
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